Princeton Review. AP Biology Prep 2024 - Rob Franek 2023

Part I Using This Book to Improve Your AP Score

Preview: Your Knowledge, Your Expectations

Your Guide to Using This Book

How to Begin

Part II: Practice Test 1

Part III: About the AP Biology Exam

Part IV: Test-Taking Strategies for the AP Biology Exam

1 How to Approach Multiple-Choice Questions

2 How to Approach Free-Response Questions

3 Using Time Effectively to Maximize Points

Part V: Content Review for the AP Biology Exam

4 Chemistry of Life

5 Cell Structure and Function

6 Cellular Energetics

7 Cell Communication and Cell Cycle

8 Heredity

9 Gene Expression and Regulation

10 Natural Selection

11 Ecology

12 Quantitative Skills and Biostatistics

13 Sample Free-Response Questions

14 Laboratory

15 Chapter Drill Answers and Explanations

Part VI: Additional Practice Tests

Practice Test 2

Practice Test 3