Biology of Humans

Biology of Humans

1. Humans in the World of Biology

2. Chemistry Comes to Life

  2a. Food Safety and Defense

3. The Cell

4. Body Organization and Homeostasis

5. The Skeletal System

6. The Muscular System

7. Neurons: The Matter of the Mind

8. The Nervous System

  8a. Drugs and the Mind

9. Sensory Systems

10. The Endocrine System

  10a. Diabetes Mellitus

11. Blood

12. The Cardiovascular and Lymphatic Systems

  12a. Cardiovascular Disease

13. Body Defense Mechanisms

  13a. Infectious Disease

14. The Respiratory System

15. The Digestive System

  15a. Nutrition and Weight Control

16. The Urinary System

17. Reproductive Systems

  17a. Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS

18. Development throughout Life

  18a. Autism Spectrum Disorders

19. Chromosomes and Cell Division

  19a. Stem Cells—A Repair Kit for the Body

20. Genetics and Human Inheritance

21. DNA and Biotechnology

  21a. Cancer

22. Evolution and Our Heritage

23. Ecology, the Environment, and Us

24. Human Population, Limited Resources, and Pollution


  Appendix 1. Answers to Reviewing the Concepts Questions

  Appendix 2. Hints for Applying the Concepts Questions


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