Alkaloid Biosynthesis

Chemical Properties of Amino Acids

Chemistry of Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetases

Array-Based Techniques for Glycans

Attenuation, Control of Gene Expression by

B12-Dependent Enzyme Reactions, Chemistry of

Bacterial DNA polymerases, Chemistry of

Bacterial Resistance to Antibiotics

Chemistry of Bacteriorhodopsin

Biocompatibility of Materials Used in Medical Devices, Methods For Evaluating

Calcium Signaling: Encoding and Decoding

Differential Scanning Calorimetry to Study Lipids and Lipid Membranes

Catalytic Antibodies: Past, Present, and Future

Cell Cycle, Regulation of

Cell Death, Biological Mechanisms and Small Molecule Inhibitors of

Cell Division, Small Molecules to Study

Cellular Membranes, Dynamics of

Molecular Chaperones

Chemical Libraries: Screening for Biologically Active Small Molecules

Chlorophylls and Carotenoids, Chemistry of

Chemistry of CoA-Dependent Enzymes

Cofactor Biosynthesis

Collagen Triple Helix, Stability of

Computational Approaches in Drug Discovery and Development

Controlled Drug Delivery: Pharmacokinetic Considerations, Methods and Systems

Coupling Methods for Peptide Synthesis

Cyclooxygenase Inhibition, Recent Advances in the Mechanisms of

Cytochrome P450 Monooxygenases, Chemistry of

Cytosolic Glycosylated Proteins, Chemistry of

Small Molecule Inhibitors, Design and Selection of

Directed Evolution, Novel and Improved Enzymes through

Chemistry of DNA Damage Repair

Sensing of DNA Damage

Drug Transport in Living Systems

Electron Transfer, Chemical Roles of Water in

Receptor-Mediated Endocytosis

Endoplasmic Reticulum: Topics in Chemical Biology

Enzymatic Synthesis of Carbohydrate-Containing Biomolecules

Chemical Strategies for Enzyme Catalysis

Approaches to Enzyme Inhibition

Enzyme Kinetics

Epigenetic Modifications

Natural Products in Plants, Chemical Diversity of

Chemistry of Fatty Acid Desaturases

Chemistry of Flavoenzymes

Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) for Proteins

Fluorescent Labeling and Fluorescent Spectroscopy: Overview of Applications in Chemical Biology

Fluorescence Techniques for Proteins

Fluorescence Techniques for Nucleic Acids

Forward Chemical Genetics

Glycan Biosynthesis in Mammals

Starch Biosynthesis In Plants

Key Strategies for Glycan Synthesis

Carbohydrate-Carbohydrate Interactions

Glycosylation of Proteins in the Golgi Apparatus

Glycosyltransferases, Chemistry of

Large G-Proteins

Hemes in Biology

Human Hemoglobin: Identification of a Key Intermediate

High Throughput Screening (HTS) Techniques: Overview of Applications in Chemical Biology

Hormone Signaling

Hydration Forces

Hypoxic Response and Associated Diseases

Glycan Sequencing and Data Integration for Glycomics

Inorganic Chemistry in Biology

Inositol Polyphosphates

Integrin Signaling, Bidirectional-Signaling of

Intramembrane Proteolysis

Ion Channels in Medicine

Iron-Sulfur World, Origin of life in an


Chemistry of Protein Kinases and Dephosphorylases

Lantibiotics, Biosynthesis and Mode of Action of

Lipid Bilayers, Properties of

Essential Fatty Acids, Physiology and Clinical Significance of

Chemistry of Lipid Domains

Chemistry of Lipid Homeostasis

Lipids, Phase Transitions of

Extracellular Lipid Signals

Lipidated Peptide Synthesis


Lipids, Chemical Diversity of

Lysosomal Disorders

Mass Spectrometry, Applications in Phosphoproteomics

Mechanosensitive Channels

Membrane Compartments Related to Signaling and Trafficking in Immune Cells

Membrane Potentials in Living Systems, Tools to Measure

Membrane Proteins, Properties of

Membranes, Fluidity of

Metabolic Diseases, Biological Mechanisms of

Cellular Organization of Metabolism

Metal Homeostasis

The Chemistry of Metallo-Enzymes and Metallo-Proteins

Metallointercalators as Probes of DNA Recognition and Reactions

Metalloproteinases, Biophysics and Chemistry of

Metalloregulatory Proteins

Metals in Medicine, Imaging Agents

Chemistry of AdoMet-Dependent Methyltransferases

Microtubule Dynamics

Mitochondrial Medicine, Biochemical Evaluation of Mitochondrial Function

Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinases (MAPKs): ERKs, JNKs, and p38s

Molecular Recognition, Computation and Modeling of

Natural Products as Anticancer Agents

Marine Natural Products, Chemical Diversity of

Recent Progress in Drug Discovery Based on Plant-Derived Natural Products Research

Natural Products: An Overview

Nature: A Model System for Chemists

Chemistry of Neoglycoproteins

Neuropeptides, Chemical Activity Profiling and Proteomic Approaches for

Neurotransmission, Measuring Chemical Events in

Neurotransmitter: Release

Nitric Oxide, Biological Targets of

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy: Overview of Applications in Chemical Biology

Nonhomologous Recombination

Artificial Metalloproteins, Design and Engineering of

Biosynthesis of Nonribosomal Peptides

Nuclear Receptors, Chemistry of

Combinatorial Libraries: Overview of Applications in Chemical Biology

Nucleic Acids, Hydration of

Chemical Damage to Nucleic Acids

Olfaction: Topics in Chemical Biology

Origins of Life: Emergence of Amino Acids

Origins of Life: Emergence of the RNA World

Oxygen-Activating Enzymes, Chemistry of

Passive Diffusion Across Membranes

The Pentose Phosphate Pathway: An Overview

Peptide Combinatorial Libraries

Peptide Nucleic Acids


Pharmaceuticals: Natural Products and Natural Product Models

Inositol Phospholipids, Biosynthesis and Biological Functions of

Electron Transfer Chemistry in Photosynthesis

Physical Chemistry in Biology

Watson-Crick Base Pairs, Character and Recognition of

Polyketide Biosynthesis, Fungi

Polyketide Biosynthesis, Modular Polyketide Synthases

Polyketide Biosynthesis, Polyethers

Post-Translational Modifications to Regulate Protein Function

Programmed Cell Death as a Therapeutic Approach

Protease Inhibitors, Mechanisms of

Protein Misfolding, Amyloid Formation

Proteins, Chemistry and Chemical Reactivity of

Proteins: Computational Analysis of Structure, Function, and Stability

Chemical Molecules that Regulate Transcription and Facilitate Cell-to-Cell Communication

Ras Oncoproteins, Structure, Biochemistry and Biology of

Receptor-Ligand Interactions in Biological Systems

Locked Nucleic Acids

Pre-mRNA splicing

Noncoding RNAs

Nucleobase Self-Assembly Codes, Constitutional Transcription of

Serine Protease and Serine Protease Inhibitors

Solid-Phase Synthesis of Biomolecules

Small Molecules to Control Stem Cell Fates

The Biology and Biochemistry of Steroid Hormones

Symbiosis: Topics in Chemical Biology

Synthetic Sphingolipids as Bioactive Molecules: Roles in Regulation of Cell Function

Synthetic Peptides and Proteins to Elucidate Biological Function

Unnatural Amino Acids to Investigate Biologic Processes

Systems Approach to Studying Disease

Systems Approach to Metabolism

Taste: Topics in Chemical Biology

Terpenoids in Plants

Transcript Profiling, Tools for

Transcription Factors

Transcription-Based Therapeutics

Transient State Enzyme Kinetics

Translational Recoding

Two- and Three-Hybrid Systems

Water, Properties of

Xenobiotic Metabolism

Methylerythritol Phosphate Pathway for the Formation of Isoprene Units

Click Peptides, Design and Applications of

Glycosphingolipids, Chemistry of

Lead Optimization in Drug Discovery

Synthetic Chemistry: Formation of the Amide Bond

Roles of Water in Biological Recognition Processes

Protein and DNA Thermostability, Physics and Evolution of

DNA Transposition: Topics in Chemical Biology

Catalytic Modes in Natural Ribozymes

Phosphate Mimics, Cyclic Compounds as

Quorum Sensing

Saliva in Health and Disease, Chemical Biology of

Pharmacokinetics of Drug Candidates, Determination of

Microarrays in Chemical Biology

Mathematical Modeling of Biological Signaling Networks

Protein Misfolding and Disease, Chemical Biology of

Hemozoin: A Paradigm for Biominerals in Disease

Chromosome Formation

Pharmaceutical Industry, Biocatalysts and Chemocatalysts

Terpenoids in Plant Signaling, Chemical Ecology

Membrane Protein Structure, Techniques to Study

Metabolomics: Topics in Chemical Biology

Platinum Anticancer Drugs, Chemical Biology of

Naturally Occurring Peptide Hormones and Neurotransmitters, Synthesis of

Signaling Networks in Biology

Supported Lipid Bilayers: Development and Applications in Chemical Biology

Lipids, Organization and Aggregation of

Anxiety Disorders: Macromolecular Pathways and Interactions

Protein Trafficking Diseases, Small Molecule Approaches to

Electron Paramagnetic Resonance in Enzymology

Schizophrenia, Biological Mechanisms of

Flavin-Mediated Hydroxylation Reactions

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Inflammatory Mechanisms of

Depression, Chemical Mechanisms of

Allergy and Asthma, Small Molecules to Target


Group II Introns: Structure, Function, and Catalysis

Nucleosides in RNA, Modified