Chemistry for Dummies

Chemistry for Dummies

Part I. Basic Concepts of Chemistry

Chapter 1. What Is Chemistry, and Why Do I Need to Know Some?

Chapter 2. Matter and Energy

Chapter 3. Something Smaller Than an Atom? Atomic Structure

Chapter 4. The Periodic Table (But No Chairs)

Chapter 5. Nuclear Chemistry: If II Blow Your Mind

Part II. Blessed Be the Bonds That Tie

Chapter 6. Opposites Do Attract Ionic Bonds

Chapter 7. Covalent Bonds: Let's Share Nicely

Chapter 8. Chemical Cooking: Chemical Reactions

Chapter 9. Electrochemistry: Batteries to Teapots

Part III. The Mole: The Chemist's Best Friend

Chapter 10. The Mole: Can You Dig It?

Chapter 11. Mixing Matter Up: Solutions

Chapter 12. Sour and Bitter: Acids and Bases

Chapter 13. Balloons, Tires, and Scuba Tanks: The Wonderful World of Gases

Part IV. Chemistry in Everyday Life: Benefits and Problems

Chapter 14. The Chemistry of Carbon: Organic Chemistry

Chapter 15. Petroleum: Chemicals for Burning or Building

Chapter 16. Polymers: Making Big Ones from Little Ones

Chapter 17. Chemistry in the Home

Chapter 18. Cough! Cough! Hack! Hack! Air Pollution

Chapter 19. Brown, Chunky Water? Water Pollution

Part V. The Part of Tens

Chapter 20. Ten Serendipitous Discoveries in Chemistry

Chapter 21. Ten Great Chemistry Nerds

Chapter 22. Ten Useful Chemistry Web Sites

Appendix A. Scientific Units: The Metric System

Appendix B. How to Handle Really Big or Really Small Numbers

Appendix C. Unit Conversion Method

Appendix D. Significant Figures and Rounding Off