Introductory Chemistry: A Foundation - Zumdahl S.S., DeCoste D.J. 2019

Chemistry: An Introduction

What Is Chemistry?

Solving Problems Using a Scientific Approach

The Scientific Method

Learning Chemistry

Chapter Review

Measurements and Calculations

Scientific Notation


Measurements of Length, Volume, and Mass

Uncertainty in Measurement

Significant Figures

Problem Solving and Dimensional Analysis

Temperature Conversions: An Approach to Problem Solving


Chapter Review


Physical and Chemical Properties and Changes

Elements and Compounds

Mixtures and Pure Substances

Separation of Mixtures

Chapter Review

Chemical Foundations: Elements, Atoms, and Ions

The Elements

Symbols for the Elements

Dalton’s Atomic Theory

Formulas of Compounds

The Structure of the Atom

Introduction to the Modern Concept of Atomic Structure


Introduction to the Periodic Table

Natural States of the Elements


Compounds That Contain Ions

Chapter Review


Naming Compounds

Naming Binary Compounds That Contain a Metal and a Nonmetal (Types I and II)

Naming Binary Compounds That Contain Only Nonmetals (Type III)

Naming Binary Compounds: A Review

Naming Compounds That Contain Polyatomic Ions

Naming Acids

Writing Formulas from Names

Chapter Review

Chemical Reactions: An Introduction

Evidence for a Chemical Reaction

Chemical Equations

Balancing Chemical Equations

Chapter Review

Reactions in Aqueous Solutions

Predicting Whether a Reaction Will Occur

Reactions in Which a Solid Forms

Describing Reactions in Aqueous Solutions

Reactions That Form Water: Acids and Bases

Reactions of Metals with Nonmetals (Oxidation—Reduction)

Ways to Classify Reactions

Other Ways to Classify Reactions

Chapter Review

Chemical Composition

Counting by Weighing

Atomic Masses: Counting Atoms by Weighing

The Mole

Learning to Solve Problems

Molar Mass

Percent Composition of Compounds

Formulas of Compounds

Calculation of Empirical Formulas

Calculation of Molecular Formulas

Chapter Review

Chemical Quantities

Information Given by Chemical Equations

Mole—Mole Relationships

Mass Calculations

The Concept of Limiting Reactants

Calculations Involving a Limiting Reactant

Percent Yield

Chapter Review


The Nature of Energy

Temperature and Heat

Exothermic and Endothermic Processes


Measuring Energy Changes

Thermochemistry (Enthalpy)

Hess’s Law

Quality versus Quantity of Energy

Energy and Our World

Energy as a Driving Force

Chapter Review

Modern Atomic Theory

Rutherford’s Atom

Electromagnetic Radiation