Conclusion - Nomenclature - MCAT Organic Chemistry Review

MCAT Organic Chemistry Review



Now that we”ve worked through nomenclature, we should be able to navigate MCAT organic chemistry questions with ease and confidence. Remember that even if an MCAT question is asking about a reaction or laboratory technique, translating the name of a compound in the question stem may be a necessary step to get to the answer. We have also covered the important functional groups that will show up and have taken note of the order of priority for these groups when it comes to naming compounds. Remember, the common names can be just as important on the MCAT as the IUPAC names—so knowing both is key. Now that we know the language of organic chemistry, we will learn more about the properties of molecules in the next two chapters, and then will focus on reactions of functional groups and laboratory techniques in subsequent chapters of MCAT Organic Chemistry Review.