MCAT General Chemistry Review - Alexander Stone Macnow, MD 2019-2020

Equations to Remember

(12.1) Moles of electrons transferred during reduction: Mn+ + n e → M (s)

(12.2) Electrodeposition equation: Image

(12.3) Standard electromotive force of a cell: E°cell = E°red,cathodeE°red,anode

(12.4) Standard change in free energy from standard emf: ΔG° = −nFE°cell

(12.5) Nernst equation (full): Image

(12.6) Nernst equation (simplified): Image

(12.7) Reaction quotient: Image

(12.8) Standard change in free energy from equilibrium constant: ΔG° = —RT ln Keq

(12.9) Free energy change (nonstandard conditions): ΔG = ΔG° + RT ln Q