Chapter Summary - Chemical Reactions and Thermochemistry - REVIEW OF MAJOR TOPICS - SAT Subject Test Chemistry

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Chemical Reactions and Thermochemistry

Chapter Summary

The following terms summarize all the concepts and ideas that were introduced in this chapter. You should be able to explain their meaning and how you would use them in chemistry. They appear in boldface type in this chapter to draw your attention to them. The boldface type also makes it easier for you to look them up if you need to. You could also use the search or “Google” action on your computer to get a quick and expanded explanation of these terms, laws, and formulas.

combination reaction

heat of formation

decomposition reaction

hydrolysis reaction

double replacement reaction

molar heat of formation


single replacement reaction


standard enthalpy of formation

heat of combustion

First Law of Thermodynamics

Hess”s Law of Heat Summation

Internet Resources

Online content that reinforces major concepts discussed in this chapter can be found at the following Internet addresses if they are still available. Some may have been changed or deleted.

Classification of Chemical Reactions

This site gives a very good overview of various types of chemical reactions as well as video access to the actual reaction occurring.

Hess”s Law

This Web page gives you a chance to solve problems related to Hess”s Law and receive instant feedback about the accuracy of your calculations.