Advanced Italian Step-by-Step (2016)

Advanced Italian Step-by-Step (2016)


Accent Marks, Stress, and Intonation in Italian

1. Nouns, Descriptive Adjectives, and Pronouns

2. Definite and Indefinite Articles

3. Descriptive Adjectives

4. Possessive Pronouns

5. Prepositions

6. Adverbs

7. Essere and Stare

8. Avere and Fare

9. The Present Tense of Regular Verbs

10. Essere and Stare in the Preterit and Imperfect Tenses

11. Regular Verbs in the Preterit

12. The Present Perfect Tense

13. Negatives

14. Direct Object Pronouns

15. The Pronouns Ci and Vi and Ne