Practice Makes Perfect: Basic Spanish, Second Edition (2015)

Practice Makes Perfect: Basic Spanish, Second Edition (2015)


Part I

1. Definite articles Family

2. Indefinite articles Around the house

3. Yo tengo and yo quiero Animals

4. The use of hay The classroom

5. Subject pronounsCommon -ar verbs Regular -ar verbs Days of the week

Lecciones 1-5

Part II

6. Clothing -Ar verb endings

7. Regular -er verbs Food and drink

8. -Er verb endings Common -er verbs

9. Forms of adjectives Colors Expressing “I like”

10. Descriptive adjectives Expressing “more than”

Lecciones 6-10

Part III

11. Regular -ir verbs Common -ir verbs

12. Asking questions Interrogatives

13. Ser Professions

14. Possessive adjectives Using ser

15. Tener Things in the house

Lecciones 11-15

Part IV

16. Estar Locations

17. Moods Expressing emotions

18. Using estar Physical condition

19. Querer More clothing

20. Numbers Expressing age Idioms with tener Using tener que

Lecciones 16-20

Part V

21. Hacer Weather

22. Telling time

23. Jugar Sports and games

24. Ir Contractions Transportation

25. Five sensing verbs Things to read

Lecciones 21-25

Part VI

26. Poder Adverbs

27. Two-verb constructions Adverbs of time

28. Two-verb questions More food

29. Comparative adjectives Comparisons

30. Preposition + verb More things in the house

Lecciones 26-30

Part VII

31. Demonstrative adjectives Common stem-changing -ar verbs

32. -Ar verbs with o > ue stem change Unwritten “it”

33. -Er and -ir verbs with o > ue stem change

34. Verbs with e > ie stem change Miscellaneous words

35. Double negatives

Lecciones 31-35


36. Direct object pronouns More professions

37. Saber

38. Conocer Personal a Schools of thought

39. Saber and conocer

40. Possession with de

Lecciones 36-40

Part IX

41. Reflexive pronouns Reflexive verbs

42. Reflexive -ar verbs Articles in the bathroom

43. E > i stem-changing verbs Measurements

44. Irregular yo forms Ponerse and quitarse More clothing

45. Indirect object pronouns Dar

Lecciones 41-45

Part X

46. Para Pronouns after prepositions

47. Por

48. Para and por Emotions Idioms with por

49. Gustar Verbs like gustar Parts of the body

50. Ir + a + infinitive Expressions of future time

Lecciones 46-50

Cumulative paragraphs

Answer key