How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for the CAT (2014)

Part 2: Verbal Ability

Section 3: Fill in the Blanks

Block 2: LODs and CAT Questions

Chapter 12. Level of Difficulty—II

Exercise 1

Directions: Choose the correct option.


George Bernard Shaw said that the contemporary social values could be flippant and ___________ at some times.


(a) important

(b) profound


(c) inane

(d) riveting


(e) absurd



___________ the general had been told by the field staff that continuing warfare would be ___________ to his soldiers, he insisted on deploying more battle tanks.


(a) Although...detrimental


(b) Because...instrumental


(c) Although...formidable


(d) Because...immediate


(e) Because...incremental


The Senate warned the Prime Minister that if he did not accept their advice, the differences between the Legislative and the Executive arms of the Government would be ___________ .


(a) eliminated

(b) eroded


(c) exacerbated

(d) exemplified


(e) exasperated


Most journalistic writing could do with ___________ of paragraphs to make the prose more ___________ .


(a) suppression...legible


(b) removal...argumentative


(c) simplification...abstruse


(d) deletion...succinct


(e) exemplification...incoherent


Varun was accused of murdering his wife, and though he was never ___________ , he never recovered from the shame and the scandal.


(a) charged

(b) booked


(c) indicted

(d) acquitted


(e) applauded



The earthquake warnings and the fragility of our houses make us certain that disaster is _________ .


(a) available

(b) imminent


(c) forthcoming

(d) catastrophic


The television serials are characterized by an ______ story line and _______ plots and sub-plots.


(a) unending...convoluted


(b) infantile...simple


(c) uniform...emotional


(d) extempore...routine


(e) erratic...forthcoming


The ___________ transformation of the former Soviet Union or Russia as it was popularly known, remains one of the biggest stories of the decade.


(a) smooth

(b) singular


(c) tumultuous

(d) prophetic


(e) traumatic



If mankind has to survive for long, it must ___________ and deliberately renounce the fruits of ___________ and whirling technology.


(a) wilfully...wild

(b) honestly...responsible


(c) sincerely...labor

(d) effectively...sliding


(e) knowingly...impending


Although similar to moths in many ways, butterflies may be ___________ moths by the beauty of their wings.


(a) akin to

(b) in comparison with


(c) listed as

(d) distinguished from


(e) equal to the


Renu saw no ___________ in the exercises that had been set for her and worked at them in a __________ manner.


(a) reason...organised

(b) point...desultory


(c) strength...careless

(d) meaning...dutiful


(e) sense...painful


Mother Teresa was ___________ about her achievements and unwilling to ___________ them before anyone.


(a) modest...discuss

(b) proud...promote


(c) unsure...reveal

(d) ignorant...eulogise




Martin Luther strived for justice and fought against attempts to ___________ ignorant peasants in the medieval ages.


(a) influence

(b) change


(c) exploit

(d) corrupt


(e) discharge



The instruction manual that came with the computer is no masterpiece of ___________ prose because its instructions are so ___________ that we still do not know how to set up the computer.


(a) clear...garbled


(b) valuable...intelligent


(c) worthless...clear


(d) confused...varied


(e) worth ... muffled


The strike will not end because both the management and the workers are ___________ .


(a) insipid

(b) intransigent


(c) intricate

(d) inexplicable


(e) saddened



Book lovers who think of Gone With The Wind as a Southern romance miss its underlying ___________ import.


(a) democratic

(b) novelistic


(c) thematic

(d) exceptional


(e) argumentative



The professors at Lucknow University have a permanent ___________ on their positions and do not have to look for more secure ___________ .



(b) tenure...employment


(c) security...means

(d) right...employees


(e) eye ... seats


It is very difficult to overcome the ___________ of habits such as smoking and taking drugs.


(a) stupidity

(b) tenacity


(c) insecurity

(d) insistence


(e) ravages


The ___________ and ___________ happenings in many talk shows annoy many viewers.


(a) aggravating...irritating


(b) trite...predictable


(c) happy...playful


(d) dramatic...eventful


(e) ranting ... jocular


Slander and libel laws stand as a protection of a person’s reputation against the ___________ dissemination of falsehood.


(a) inferential

(b) inevitable


(c) incontestable

(d) irresponsible


(e) semblance



Most of the settlements that grew up near the logging camps were ___________ affairs, thrown together in a hurry because people needed to live on the job.


(a) nomadic

(b) protracted


(c) unobtrusive

(d) rickety


(e) uncouth


Pipes are not a safer ___________ to cigarettes because, though pipe smokers do not inhale, they are still ___________ higher rates of lung and mouth cancers than nonsmokers.


(a) from


(b) answer...responsible for


(c) alternative...subject to


(d) rejoinder...involved in


(e) offer...involved with


Author Anjali Agarwal was a rare phenomenon, a single woman who maintained and even __________ a respectable reputation while earning a living by her pen.


(a) impaired

(b) decimated


(c) avoided

(d) enhanced


(e) evacuated


Because Sherry is so ___________ , we can never predict what he will do at any moment.


(a) old

(b) immature


(c) capricious

(d) lazy


(e) dormant


Paper money is merely a representation of wealth; therefore unlike gold or any other precious metal, it has no ___________ value.


(a) financial

(b) fiscal


(c) inveterate

(d) intrinsically


(e) intrinsic


The law cannot and should not pardon such _______ act of violence.


(a) a flagrant

(b) a lavish


(c) a cautious

(d) a dull.


(e) condemn


As many students know, a/(an) _________ response, if skillfully worded, can imply at least a superficial ___________ of knowledge about the subject.


(a) ambiguous...veneer

(b) garbled...ignorance


(c) inarticulate...piece

(d) elegant...lack


(e) wrong...lack


There are too many ___________ and not enough serious students.


(a) dilettantes

(b) hunky dory


(c) lay-men

(d) novices


(e) nascent



Her parents were ___________ when, despite losing the first three games, Sandy ___________ to win the set by a 6–3 score.


(a) surprised...failed

(b) relieved...came back


(c) puzzled...refused

(d) alarmed...attempted


(e) shocked...failed


The reviews of Deepak Chopra’s latest literary work were enjoyed by many of his readers, but the subjects of his analysis dreaded Mr. Chopra’s comments; he was scathing, bitter, irritating and never ______ .


(a) logical

(b) constructive


(c) uncharitable

(d) controversial


(e) acidic


In poor and under developed countries, trucks are the only means of getting about town, the public transportation being virtually ___________ .


(a) indecipherable

(b) ubiquitous


(c) inadequate

(d) nonexistent


(e) negligent



Given the ___________ state of published evidence, we cannot conclude here that exposure to low-level microwave energy is either hazardous or safe.


(a) inconclusive

(b) indulging


(c) descriptive

(d) immaculate


(e) descriptive


The clothes Nafees, the famous designer, designs for men are conservative, but her fashions for women are more ___________ .


(a) subtle

(b) flamboyant


(c) tasteful

(d) expensive


(e) open



The equipments that were being used in the survey were ___________ , and because of the below-zero temperature, it was feared they would freeze and ___________ .


(a) icy...capsize

(b) frosty...shide


(c) fragile...shatter

(d) frozen...dehydrate


(e) useless...capsize


Because of its tendency to ___________ , most Indian art is ___________ Japanese art, where symbols have been minimized and meaning has been conveyed by using the method of the merest suggestion.


(a) imitate...superior to


(b) understate...reminiscent of


(c) overdraw...similar to


(d) sentimentalise...supportive of


(e) synergise ... half


Irony can sometimes become a mode of escape: to laugh at the terrors of life is, in a way, to __________ them.


(a) bolster

(b) approve


(c) evade

(d) foster


(e) avail



The negotiations for the deal were often surprisingly ___________ , deteriorating at times into a volley of accusations and counter-accusations.


(a) insouciant

(b) sedate


(c) acrimonious

(d) propitious


(e) adequate



A ___________ student is unlikely to gain admission to a top level institution.


(a) mediocre

(b) putative


(c) mendacious

(d) vicarious


(e) commerce



Either Japanese dishes are ___________ , or the one I had was a poor example.


(a) delicious

(b) overrated


(c) underestimated

(d) unpopular


(e) horrible



A person who is ___________ is slow to adapt to a new way of life.


(a) intractable

(b) furious


(c) insolent

(d) valiant


(e) constructive



Amit, who refrained from excesses in his personal life, differed markedly from Nirmal, who _________ notorious drinking bouts with his buddies.


(a) minimised

(b) indulged in


(c) shunned

(d) compensated for


(e) specialised


The library incharge proposed a new schedule of fines for overdue books with the ___________ , if not the outright encouragement, of the faculty library committee.


(a) cynosure

(b) acquiescence


(c) scorn

(d) applause


(e) management



Maya’s remarks were so ___________ that Arun could not decide which possible meaning was correct.


(a) congruent

(b) impalpable


(c) ambiguous

(d) facetious


(e) incorrigible


By nature, Rahul was ___________ , given to striking up casual conversations with strangers he encountered at bus stops or check-out stands.


(a) gregarious

(b) reticent


(c) casual

(d) diffident


(e) indulgent



In the absence of native predators, to stop the spread of their population, the imported goats ___________ to such an inordinate degree that they over grazed the country side and ___________ the native vegetation.


(a) propagated...cultivated


(b) suffered...abandoned


(c) thrived...threatened


(d) dwindled...eliminated


(e) outnumbered ... cultivated


Jayashree was habitually so docile and ___________ that her friends could not understand her sudden ___________ her employers.


(a) accommodating...outburst against


(b) erratic...envy of


(c) truculent...virulence toward


(d) hasty...annoyance toward


(e) apologetic...hostile


That Amitabh’s newest film is No. 1 at the box office this week is a testament to the star’s ___________ power and not the reviews, which were ___________ at best.


(a) increasing...matchless


(b) ongoing...glowing


(c) drawing...modest


(d) waning...indifferent


(e) super...dismal


The ___________ background music hinted of the dangers threatening the movie’s protagonist.


(a) loud

(b) sardonic


(c) ebullient

(d) portentous


(e) icy



In order to ensure that she passed the exam, Asha ___________ outlined every chapter of her course book, painstakingly noting the most obscure points.


(a) carefully

(b) playfully


(c) jokingly

(d) superficially


(e) cursory


Mr. Purty hastily ___________ all the warnings of his friends. And now, he finds it difficult to complete the task within its time and budget ___________ .


(a) accepted...amounts


(b) ignored...amounts


(c) listened to...problems


(d) disregarded...constraints


(e) acknowledged...schedule


Lacking confidence in his skills in English, Pervez was ___________ when called on to speak in class.


(a) horrified

(b) reticent


(c) impolite

(d) sartorial


(e) shocked


The castle has been ___________, we cannot even be sure exactly where it stood.


(a) obliterated

(b) burned down


(c) ruined

(d) debilitated


(e) spoilt



Being a bit hesitant about ___________ the man as the complete fraud he suspected him to be, Bill chose to attack the weaker points of his theory, __________ them one by one.


(a) denouncing...debunking


(b) ridiculing...proving


(c) castigating...strengthening


(d) mocking...destroying


(e) mistrusting ... telling


The analysis of the coach’s report was anything but ___________ , but those of us who have learned to discount such dismal ___________ are optimistic.


(a) pessimistic...confusion


(b) sanguinary...traps


(c) malicious...benefits


(d) pleasant...prognostications


(e) sugary...performances


Angered by the bureaucrat’s __________ comments; the reporter insisted for a more _________ response.


(a) redundant...repetitive


(b) tactless...immediate


(c) phlegmatic...lackadaisical




(e) jarcastic ... beneficial


Raman’s ___________ record collection included everything from Bach to rock.


(a) effusive

(b) rhapsodic


(c) eclectic

(d) inherent


(e) refulgent



My grandparents were such ___________ followers of the soap opera that they taped every episode.


(a) avid

(b) skillful


(c) flagrant

(d) retentive


(e) hopeless



___________ the finer points of etiquette in high society, Devesh simply watched his host and followed his actions.


(a) Arguing for

(b) Unaware


(c) Ignorant of

(d) Saddened by


(e) looking at



This book of Covey creates a mood of _________, a (n) ___________ of tranquility and calm.


(a) sombreness...atmosphere


(b) serenity...ambience


(c) melancholy...oasis


(d) formality...feeling


(e) tranquility ... sea


Although they seem amateurish, primitive art has become more sophisticated as its creator becomes increasingly ___________ .


(a) infamous

(b) aged


(c) jaded

(d) impotent


(e) ignorant



Though a ___________ of four campaigns, Bush had never seen such demonstrations.


(a) watchman

(b) veteran


(c) volunteer

(d) witness


(e) follower



Carried away by the ___________ effects of the experimental medication, the patient __________ his desire to continue as a subject for as long as he could.


(a) supplementary...announced


(b) noxious...proclaimed


(c) frantic...repeated


(d) salutary...reiterated


(e) painful...undermined


Confused and___________, Hogwart fumbled to make sense of seemingly inconsistent statements, ___________ the impatience of his listeners.


(a) prostrate...listening to


(b) muddled...aware of


(c) philosophical...overlooking


(d) incoherent...oblivious to


(e) agitated...following


One of the most productive research ___________ in contemporary neuroscience is devoted to _______ maps of human consciousness.


(a) trajectories; reconnoitering


(b) designs; enunciating


(c) paradigms; elucidating


(d) declensions; obfuscating


(e) terminologies ... newal


Today computers can ___________ information from a number of sources, then automatically create a picture of their data manipulations.


(a) collate

(b) inculcate


(c) extrapolate

(d) adjudicate


(e) execute



Just as a highway automobile accident leaves lasting marks of spilled coolant, ___________ and oil, the smashing together of gigantic land masses releases and redirects fluids that flow, heat, ___________ and deposit, leaving an enduring record of their presence.


(a) petrol...disappear

(b) fuel...evaporate


(c) paint…mark

(d) anti-freeze...drip


(e) gases...electric



Although publicity has been ___________ the film itself is intelligent, well-acted, handsomely produced and altogether ___________ .


(a) tasteless...respectable


(b) extensive...moderate


(c) sophisticated...amateur


(d) perfect...spectacular


(e) useless...entraneous


Ironically, his normally ___________ speaker became shy and ___________ when confronted with the approbatory stares of her eager audience.


(a) quiet...passionate


(b) garrulous...reticent


(c) dispassionate...passionate


(d) humble...supercilious


(e) soft...remorseful


Although the whole team acted in unison, each member was ___________ for a(n) ___________ of the production process.


(a) reliable...source

(b) responsible...element


(c) appointed...article

(d) agreeable...felony


(e) agreeable...amount



The studies of the children were ___________ and ___________ was the result of it.


(a) neglected...ignorance


(b) interrupted...incongruence


(c) off tracked...alienation


(d) instructed...genius


(e) ignored...negligence


The US has shown little to go after the terrorist or help India get him.


(a) inclination

(b) urgency


(c) importance

(d) alacrity


(e) endeavour



Most young children are highly conformist and will ___________ a classmate whose appearance or manners are ___________ .


(a) ostracise … conventional


(b) emulate...different


(c) shun...unusual


(d) deride...ordinary  


(e) choose ... deriding


The royal astrologers had to determine the most ___________ date for the coronation ceremony.


(a) propitious

(b) sacred


(c) approximate

(d) resplendent


(e) expected



A satirical poem is often venom-filled, ___________ with scorn.


(a) contained

(b) filled up


(c) dripping

(d) sardonic


(e) acidic



The ___________ rites of the Black Magic cult were kept secret by the members and were never _______ to outsiders.


(a) eclectic...delegated


(b) esoteric...divulged


(c) inscrutable...introduced


(d) elusive... prescribed


(e) exclusive...delegated


Mr. Sharma, the critic was ___________ enough to praise an author he detested.


(a) magnanimous

(b) loquacious


(c) parsimonious

(d) surreptitious


(e) verbose



The goodwill of its clients is a genuine ___________ asset for any business.


(a) redolent

(b) dismissive


(c) intangible

(d) vigilant


(e) indolent



Though the law’s ___________ purpose is to curtail false advertising, its actual result is to ___________ free speech.


(a) erroneous...eschew


(b) ostensible...characterise


(c) illicit...reconcile


(d) recalcitrant...repress


(e) elusive...contain


___________ by her children, Radha Devi ultimately agreed to sell the house.


(a) Decimated

(b) Importuned


(c) Interpolated

(d) Designated


(e) apportioned



There was a ___________ all about the palace, and the ___________ concerned the security guards.


(a) gift...distribution

(b) silence...quiet


(c) tranquil...temper

(d) feast...circulation


(e) commotion...quiet



Guilliano Benetton ___________ a small neighborhood business into a worldwide chain of stores.


(a) renovated

(b) infused


(c) parlayed

(d) blessed


(e) decimated



The football team was once ___________ by injuries; of 11 members, only 5 were fit to play.


(a) decimated

(b) isolated


(c) boycotted

(d) heckled


(e) ambushed



Displeased with the ___________ of the novel, the writer abandoned the idea of a film to be made on his writings.


(a) adaptation

(c) transfer


(d) transfusion

(b) resurgence


(e) imagination



Because of his indecisive nature, Mr Bhushan has a reputation for ___________ .


(a) impartiality

(b) tenacity


(c) prevarication

(d) vacillation


(e) wandering



The conspirators met ___________ in order to plot a(n) ___________ against the oppressive governance of Julius Ceaser.


(a) clandestinely...revolt


(b) wickedly...invocation


(c) craftily...referendum


(d) wittily...ban


(e) aggressively...crime


Vinay is much too ___________ in his writings: he writes a paragraph when a sentence should suffice.


(a) benevolent

(b) skilled


(c) verbose

(d) lucid


(e) crafted



With one ___________ motion, Rakesh disarmed his assailant.


(a) swift

(b) ponderous


(c) superficial

(d) boisterous  


(e) levitational



The patient put up with the pain ___________ , neither wincing, nor whimpering when the surgeon made an incision to drain the pus of his abscess.


(a) surprisingly

(b) miserably


(c) logically

(d) stoically


(e) enduringly



In relation to the interrelationships among a number of the Indo-Pakistani stalwarts treated in this compilation there is surely a certain amount of __________ in some of the essays presented here.


(a) overlap

(b) indulgence


(c) exaggeration

(d) subjectivity


(e) complacency



Being an advocate of consumer rights, Sharad has spent much of his career trying to ___________ the fraudulent claims of the businessmen of his hometown Patna.


(a) reprove

(b) debunk


(c) immortalise

(d) import


(e) improve



The report was ___________ since the information on which it was based was erroneous, but it was brilliantly presented.


(a) intelligent

(b) wonderful


(c) worthless

(d) verbose


(e) elegant



Pretending not to notice the toys in the shop, Aryan the small boy, acted in a ___________ manner.


(a) doleful

(b) nonchalant


(c) convincing

(d) ordinary


(e) indulgent



As several shops have ___________ across the street, the old directory is ___________ .


(a) relocated...obsolete


(b) reversed...enticing


(c) transferred...dismantled


(d) vanished...beautiful


(e) transferred...upto date


The ___________ room in this apartment has not been used for a long time.


(a) derelict

(b) contractual


(c) bereaved

(d) crowded


(e) interpolated



Salman the superstar, felt that certain incidents in his life were too ___________ to be divulged.


(a) intriguing

(b) derivative


(c) private

(d) rudimentary


(e) incremental



Distressed at an increasing ___________ for books, Amrita, the famous novelist has turned to painting.


(a) disregard

(b) imagination


(c) panacea

(d) prominence


(e) derelict



The bank is negotiating with Group 4 security to devise a system to provide ___________ security to account holders.


(a) accurate

(b) prompt


(c) reliable

(d) tough


(e) proactive



As the rate of life expectancy has increased due to tremendous progress in medical science, the overpopulation problem has ___________ .


(a) aggravated

(b) minimised


(c) distorted

(d) encouraged


(e) unfazed



The story of the novel, The Deranged, is very ___________ . It shows how a man cut off from the world for a long time becomes a mad man.


(a) absorbing

(b) irritating


(c) controversial

(d) useless


(e) derived



Although Agatha is arguably as good a mystery writer as Grundy, she is clearly far less ___________ than Grundy, having written only six books in comparison to Grundy’s sixty.


(a) prolific

(b) equivocal


(c) verbose

(d) gripping


(e) astronomical



Being cynical, Ashish was reluctant to ___________ the ___________ of any kind act until he had ruled out all possible secret, uncharitable motives.


(a) acknowledge...wisdom


(b) accept...unselfishness


(c) endure...loss


(d) witness...outcome


(e) uncover .... outcome


A golden rule which should always be followed by an investor is that: never invest on sentiment or on a tip; look for stocks with promising ___________ potential for growth.


(a) fast

(b) long-term


(c) higher

(d) quick


(e) string



At the world’s finest educational institutes, only students with the ___________ to succeed are selected.


(a) luck

(b) drive


(c) resources

(d) experience


(e) reliable



Jamshedji Tata, the founder of the Tata Group in India, knew that only dedication and ___________ could ensure that the customer gets the very best.


(a) commitment

(b) money


(c) perception

(d) supervision


(e) perception



Parveen fascinated the world with her beauty and her charm, and her life mixed public spectacle with private anguish; her tragic death ___________ a flood of grief on every continent.


(a) brought

(b) prompted


(c) called

(d) managed


(e) revoked



As Shyam ___________ retirement, he became more intelligent and active.


(a) awarded

(b) withdrew


(c) derived

(d) neared


(e) recollected



As a steadfast ___________ of our right to liberty time, Mishra had few ___________ .


(a) defender...equals

(b) opponent...enemies


(c) follower...enemies

(d) advocate...defenders


(e) leader...unequals



A careful ___________ of the premises revealed some useful clues.


(a) autopsy

(b) incarceration


(c) examination

(d) incineration


(e) emphases



Almost everyone was ___________ by the cheerful, lively sound of the dance music.


(a) revived

(b) tired


(c) fired

(d) bored


(e) withdrawn



The ___________ of the aircrash could have been avoided if more safety ___________ had been taken.


(a) sad event ..preservers


(b) disaster...reservations


(c) scientist...measures


(d) tragedy...precautions


(e) aftermath...steps


They were disappointed to see the armed guards. It ___________ them from doing anything disruptive.


(a) inspired

(b) prevented


(c) encouraged

(d) irritated


(e) encouraged



The ___________ politician thought that all bureaucrats should be polite to him.


(a) insolent

(b) merciless


(c) civilised

(d) docile


(e) amateur



The newspaper accused the politician of __________ for making promises he knew he could not ______ .


(a) revulsion...condone


(b) liability...improve


(c) impunity...reprise


(d) hypocrisy...fulfill


(e) forgery...overcome


Paula was ___________ as a child, accepting without a question, everything she was told.


(a) reticent

(b) taciturn


(c) recalcitrant

(d) credulous


(e) impatient



Cautioned by an anonymous phone call that an explosion was ___________ , the anti bomb police squad ___________ the building immediately.


(a) expected…filled


(b) ubiquitous...purged


(c) imminent ... evacuated


(d) eminent..checked


(e) eminent...entered


The route between the two cities has always been known to wind its ___________ way through steep mountain passes and coarse terrain.


(a) easy

(b) smooth


(c) elusive

(d) tortuous


(e) trajectory



As there were not enough seats to ___________ so many people at the venue of the address, they had to put up a big tent outside.


(a) entertain

(b) ascertain


(c) welcome

(d) accommodate


This ___________ old stone farmhouse has been a landmark since before the Independence.


(a) fragile

(b) sturdy


(c) ramshackle

(d) flimsy


(e) rickety


The Chief Minister was ___________ in his commitment to ___________ the rise of crime and unemployment among his constituents.


(a) uncertain...staunch

(b) headstrong...stem


(c) faltering...identity

(d) firm...uphold


(e) sturdy...counter



Sahil’s clear ___________ of the situation kept the meeting from breaking up into ___________ .


(a) idea...humor


(b) notion...anarchy


(c) understanding...chaos


(d) wit...tumult


(e) report ... tumult


In the past, the coach had always viewed Kapil’s ideas with ___________ , but today he surprised the team by enthusiastically ___________ his proposal.


(a) disdain … rejecting


(b) empathy ... considering


(c) objectivity ... forgetting


(d) skepticism ... adopting


(e) temerity ... dissuading


The embarrassed host felt that the uninvited guest’s rude comments and offensive jokes were _______ .


(a) steadfast

(b) reactionary


(c) intolerable

(d) partisan


(e) alarming



The celebrated trainer’s ___________ for helping his trainees to learn and achieve their goals was highly ___________ .


(a) propensity … commendable


(b) distinction ... enigmatic


(c) predilection ... reprehensible


(d) derision … admissible


(e) decisiveness ... desired


A few decades ago, ___________ about gender roles made it somewhat difficult for a woman to study veterinary science, but today, female veterinarians are quite ___________ .


(a) diatribes … affluent


(b) preconceptions ... prevalent


(c) Mindsets … poor


(d) lectures … negligent


(e) analysis ... prominent


Greg Chappell was impressed by the ___________ of the youthful Railways team.


(a) ardor

(b) corpulence


(c) languor

(d) impertinence


(e) turbulence



In the plots of most Bollywood movies, there is/are a character/s with ___________ intentions, whose primary role is to try to ___________ the handsome hero in his noble mission.


(a) furtive … abet

(b) malevolent ... thwart


(c) unsavory ... depict

(d) inappropriate ... derail


(e) benevolent ... obstruct



After a natural spring was discovered in the arid region, the family’s old, abandoned farm was quickly ___________ into a profitable private business, centered around a state-of-the-art well that ___________ valuable water.


(a) turned ... expiates


(b) configured … manipulates


(c) transformed ... emanates


(d) expropriated ... eradicates


(e) transpired ... exhaled


The young boy’s ___________ attempts to explain to his girlfriend why he had failed to show for their movie date did little to ease her _________ feelings.


(a) impassioned ... disconsolate


(b) veracious ... vacuous


(c) unbelievable ... gluttonous


(d) chronic ... vicarious


(e) immeasurable ... vacuous


For some politicians, charm is a mere ___________ adopted to get votes and ___________ criticism.


(a) prerequisite ... distort


(b) affectation ... alleviate


(c) tool … inflict


(d) ruse ... condone


(e) contender ... earn


Although the food in the hostel mess was barely ___________ , after six months, the residents of the hostel had become ___________ to it.


(a) edible…immune

(b) edible…inured


(c) palatable… immune

(d) palatable ... inured


(e) affordable ... attuned


During childhood and adolescence, individuals acquire habits that are ___________ to good health: which include having a sedentary lifestyle, frequently eating fatty and fast foods, and developing poor sleep patterns.


(a) dangerous

(b) harmful


(c) inimical

(d) unsuitable


(e) despicable



Divyansh’s disciplined and ___________ study habits resulted in his earning numerous honors and awards which also included an academic scholarship.


(a) painstaking

(b) sedulous


(c) unhealthy

(d) taciturn


(e) pecuniary



The old miser’s ___________ did him little good when he died without heir or friend, and all his precious money was ___________ to the state.


(a) frugality … escheated


(b) miserliness … ordained


(c) exemplariness … given


(d) frugality … ordained


(e) indulgence ... willed


To most modern day readers, the language in Shakespeare’s plays seems obscure and inaccessible, lacking the ___________ of modern day authors.


(a) elegance

(b) impertinence


(c) perspicuity

(d) perceptibility


(e) diligence



Unlike the other photojournalists, Rochelle despised the ___________ nature of the newspaper business because she craved ___________ .


(a) permutable .. habitude


(b) flexible…chaos


(c) permutable…chaos


(d) flexible…stable


(e) heinous ... posterity

Exercise 3


Test 1

I shall here take leave to ……1…..a brief argument much ……2… a few years ago when it was still ……3… consider Hegel a greater philosopher than Plato. Abbreviating it, I repeat it, because I believe in it yet today, when Hegel (for causes unconnected with pure right and wrong) has gone somewhat out of ……4…..for a while.

As the tale, then, is told by Plato, in the tenth book of The Republic, one Er, the son of Arminius, a Pamphylian, was slain in ……5…..; and ten days afterwards, when they collected the dead for burial, his body alone showed no ……6…..of corruption. His relatives, however, bore it off to the ……7…..pyre; and on the twelfth day, lying there, he returned to life, and he told them what he had seen in the other world. Many wonders he related concerning the dead, for example, with their rewards and ……8…..: but what had impressed him as most wonderful of all was the great spindle of Necessity, reaching up to Heaven, with the planets ……9…..around it in graduated whorls of width and spread: yet all ……10…..and so timed that all complete the full circle punctually together. ‘The Spindle turns on the knees of Necessity; and on the rim of each ……11…..sits perched a Siren who goes round with it, hymning a single note; the eight notes together forming one ……12…...’

Now, as we have the divine word for it — upon two great ……13…..hang all the law and the prophets, so all religions, all philosophies, hang upon two steadfast and faithful beliefs; the first of which Plato would show by the above ……14…...


(a) Sneered,

(b) Recapitulate,


(c) Parable,

(d) Funeral,


(e) Revolving,

(f) Punishments,


(g) Fashion,

(h) Taint,


(i) Battle,

(j) Harmony,


(k) Commandments,

(l) Concentric,


(m) Whorl,

(n) Fashionable.

Test 2

What sacred ……1…..did inspire

My ……2… childhood with a hope so strong?

What ……3…..force moved my desire

To expect new joys beyond the ……4….., so young?

Felicity I knew

Was out of view,  

And being here alone,

I saw that ……5…..was gone

From me! For this

I thirsted absent bliss,

And thought that sure beyond the seas,

Or else in something ……6… hand —

I knew not yet (since naught did please

I knew) my Bliss did stand.

But little did the ……7…..dream

That all the treasures of the world were by:

And that ……8…..was so the cream

And ……9…..of all which round about did lie.

Yet thus it was: the Gem,

The Diadem,

The Ring enclosing all

That stood upon this earthly ball,

The ……10…..Eye,

Much wider than the sky,

Wherein they all included were,

The glorious Soul, that was the King

Made to possess them, did appear

A small and little thing!


(a) instinct,

(b) Soul,


(c) secret,

(d) seas,


(e) happiness,

(f) near,


(g) infant,

(h) himself,


(i) crown,

(j) Heavenly

Test 3

Now the other and second great belief is, that the Universe, the ……1….., cannot be apprehended at all except as its rays converge upon the eye, brain, soul of Man, the ……2…..: on you, on me, on the tiny percipient centre upon which the immense cosmic circle focusses itself as the sun upon a burning-glass — and he is not shrivelled up!



Test 4

Other nations have received their laws from conquerors; some are indebted for a constitution to the suffering of their ……1…..through revolving centuries. The people of this country, alone, have formally and ……2…..chosen a government for themselves, and with open and uninfluenced consent, bound themselves into a social compact. Here, no man ……3…..his birth or wealth as a title to honorable distinction, or to sanctify ignorance and vice, with the name of hereditary authority. He who has most ……4…..and ability to promote public ……5….., let him be the servant of the public. This is the only line of distinction drawn by nature. Leave the bird of night to the ……6…..for which nature intended him, and expect only from the eagle to brush the clouds with his wings and look ……7… the face of the sun.


(a) zeal

(b) boldly


(c) obscurity

(d) ancestors


(e) felicity

(f) proclaims


(g) deliberately


Test 5

Ye darkeners of counsel, who would make the property, lives, and religion of millions depend on the evasive ……1…..of ……2…..parchments; who would send us to antiquated charters of uncertain and ……3…..meaning, to prove that the present generation are not bound to be victims to cruel and unforgiving ……4….., tell us whether our pious and generous ancestors ……5… us the miserable privilege of having the ……6…..of our honesty, industry, the fruits of those fields which they purchased and bled for, wrested from us at the will of men over whom we have no ……7…... Did they ……8…..for us that, with ……9…..arms, we should expect that justice and mercy from brutal and inflamed invaders which have been denied to our supplications at the foot of the throne?


(a) contract

(b) contradictory


(c) musty

(d) check


(e) folded

(f) rewards


(g) despotism

(h) interpretations


(i) bequeathed


Test 6

Were we to hear our character as a people ……1…..with indifference? Did they promise for us that our ……2…..and patience should be insulted, our coasts harassed, our towns ……3…..and plundered, and our wives and offspring exposed to nakedness, hunger, and death, without our feeling the resentment of men, and exerting those powers of self-preservation which God has given us?

No man had once a ……4…..veneration for Englishmen than I entertained. They were dear to me as ……5…..of the same parental trunk, and ……6…..of the same religion and laws; I still view with respect the remains of the Constitution as I would a lifeless body which had once been ……7… a great and heroic soul. But when I am aroused by the din of arms; when I ……8…..legions of foreign assassins paid by Englishmen to imbrue their hands in our blood; when I tread over the ……9…..bodies of my countrymen, neighbors, and friends; when I see the locks of a ……10…..father torn by savage hands, and a ……11…..mother, clasping her infants to her bosom, and on her knees imploring their lives from her own slaves, whom Englishmen have ……12… treachery and murder; when I ……13… country, once the seat of industry, peace, and plenty, changed by Englishmen to a theater of blood and misery, Heaven forgive me if I cannot root out those passions which it has …14…… my bosom, and ……15…..submission to a people who have either ceased to be human, or have not virtue enough to feel their own ……16…..and servitude!


(a) behold,

(b) greater,


(c) branches,

(d) meekness,


(e) demolished,

(f) venerable,


(g) wretchedness,

(h) ridiculed,


(i) feeble,

(j) partakers,


(k) implanted,

(l) behold,


(m) allured,

(n) feeble,


(o) animated,

(p) uncoffined

Test 7

Men who content themselves with the ……1…..of truth, and a display of words talk much of our ……2… Great Britain for protection. Had she a single eye to our advantage? A ……3…..of shopkeepers are very seldom so interested. Let us not be so ……4…..with words! the ……5…..of her commerce was her object. When she defended our ……6….., she fought for her ……7….., and convoyed our ships loaded with wealth, which we had acquired for her by our ……8…... She has treated us as ……9…..of burden, whom the lordly masters ……10…..that they may carry a greater load. Let us inquire also against whom she has protected us? Against her own ……11…..with whom we had no quarrel, or only on her account, and against whom we always readily exerted our wealth and strength when they were required. Were these Colonies backward in giving assistance to Great Britain, when they were called upon in 1739 to aid the ……12…..against Cartagena? They at that time, sent three thousand men to join the British army, although the war commenced without their consent.

(a) industry,

(b) cherish,

(c) extension,

(d) enemies,

(e) nation,

(f) customers,

(g) coasts,

(h) semblance,

(i) expedition,

(j) obligation,

(k) amused,

(l) beasts.

Test 8

But the last war, it is said, was purely American. This is a vulgar ……1….., which, like many others, has gained ……2… being confidently repeated. The …3...between the courts of Great Britain and France related to the limits of Canada and Nova Scotia. The controverted ……4…..was not claimed by any in the Colonies, but by the crown of Great Britain. It was therefore their own ……5…... The ……6…..of a right which England had, by the treaty of Utrecht, of trading in the Indian country of Ohio, was another cause of the war. The French seized large quantities of British manufactures and took possession of a fort which a company of British merchants and factors had erected for the security of their commerce. The war was therefore ……7… defense of lands claimed by the Crown, and for the protection of British ……8…... The French at that time, had no quarrel with America, and, as appears by letters sent from their ……9… some of the Colonies, wished to remain in peace with us.

(a) commander-in-chief,

(b) property,

(c) quarrel,

(d) waged,

(e) dispute,

(f) infringement,

(g) territory,

(h) credit,

(i) error


Test 9

Sir, there are two .…1…..which have a powerful influence in the affairs of men. These are ambition and avarice — the love of ……2…..and the love of ……3…... Separately, each of these has great force in prompting men to action; but, when united in view of the same object, they have, in many minds, the most ……4…..effects. Place before the eyes of such men a post of honor, that shall, at the same time, be a place of profit, and they will move ……5…..and ……6… obtain it. The vast number of such places it is that renders the British government so ……7…... The struggles for them are the true source of all those ……8…..which are ……9…..dividing the nation, distracting its councils, hurrying it sometimes into ……10…..and mischievous wars, and often compelling a submission to ……11…..terms of peace.

(a) fruitless

(b) heaven

(c) factions

(d) earth

(e) power

(f) violent

(g) perpetually

(h) money

(i) tempestuous

(j) passions

(k) dishonorable


Test 10

And of what kind are the men that will strive for this profitable ……1….., through all the bustle of ……2….., the heat of contention, the infinite mutual abuse of parties, tearing to pieces the best of characters? It will not be the wise and moderate, the lovers of peace and good order, the men fittest for the trust. It will be the bold and the violent, the men of strong passions and ……3…..activity in their selfish pursuits. These will thrust themselves into your government and be your rulers. And these, too, will be mistaken in the expected happiness of their situation, for their ……4…..competitors, of the same spirit, and from the same motives, will perpetually be ……5… distress their administration, ……6…..their measures, and render them odious to the people.

(a) endeavoring,

(b) vanquished,

(c) thwart,

(d) cabal,

(e) preeminence,

(f) indefatigable

Test 11

WHAT is the sum of ……1… Compared with the ……2…..universe and with ……3…..time, not to speak of infinity and eternity, it is the observation of a mere ……4….., the experience of an ……5…...Are we ……6… founding anything upon such data, except that which we are obliged to found upon them — the daily rules and processes ……7…..for the natural life of man? We call the discoveries of science ……8…..; and truly. But the sublimity belongs not to that which they ……9….., but to that which they suggest. And that which they suggest is, that through this material glory and beauty, of which we see a little and imagine more, there speaks to us a being whose nature is akin to ours, and who has made our hearts capable of such converse. Astronomy has its practical uses, without which man’s ……10…..would scarcely rouse itself to those speculations; but its greatest result is a ……11…..of immensity pervaded by one informing mind; and this revelation is made by astronomy only in the same sense in which the ……12…..reveals the stars to the eye of the astronomer.

Science finds no law for the thoughts which, with her aid, are ministered to man by the starry skies. Science can ……13…..the hues of sunset, but she cannot tell from what urns of pain and ……14…..its pensiveness is poured. These things are felt by all men, felt the more in proportion as the mind is higher. They are a part of human nature; and why should they not be as sound a basis for ……15… any other part? But if they are, the solid wall of ……16… melts away, and through the whole order of the material world pours the influence, the personal influence, of a spirit ……17… our own.

If they could not show a Newton as we show an ape, or a Newton’s discoveries as we show the feats of apish cunning, it was because Newton was not a mere intellectual power, but a moral being, laboring in the service of his kind, and because his discoveries were the reward, not of sagacity only, but of virtue. We can imagine a mere organ of vision so constructed by omnipotence as to see at a glance infinitely more than could be discovered by all the Newtons, but the animal which possessed that organ would not be higher than the moral being.

Reason, no doubt, is our appointed guide to truth. The limits set to it by each dogmatist, at the point where it comes into conflict with his dogma, are human limits; its providential limits we can learn only by dutifully exerting it to the utmost. Yet, reason must be impartial in the acceptance of data and in the demand of proof. Facts are not the less facts because they are not facts of sense; materialism is not necessarily enlightenment; it is possible to be at once chimerical and gross.

(a) philosophy

(b) instant

(c) corresponding

(d) comprehensible

(e) point

(f) telescope

(g) material

(h) explain

(i) pleasure

(j) revelation

(k) intellect

(l) warranted

(m) sublime

(n) reveal

(o) physical

(p) necessary,

(q) conceivable.


◊ Answer Key

Exercise 1

1. (c)

2. (a)

3. (c)

4. (d)

5. (c)

6. (b)

7. (a)

8. (c)

9. (a)

10. (d)

11. (b)

12. (a)

13. (c)

14. (a)

15. (b)

16. (c)

17. (b)

18. (b)

19. (b)

20. (d)

21. (d)

22. (c)

23. (d)

24. (c)

25. (d)

26. (a)

27. (a)

28. (a)

29. (b)

30. (b)

31. (d)

32. (a)

33. (b)

34. (c)

35. (b)

36. (c)

37. (c)

38. (a)

39. (b)

40. (a)

41. (b)

42. (b)

43. (c)

44. (a)

45. (c)

46. (a)

47. (c)

48. (d)

49. (a)

50. (d)

51. (a)

52. (a)

53. (a)

54. (d)

55. (d)

56. (a)

57. (a)

58. (c)

59. (b)

60. (c)

61. (b)

62. (d)

63. (d)

64. (c)

65. (a)

66. (b)

67. (a)

68. (b)

69. (b)

70. (a)

71. (a)

72. (c)

73. (a)

74. (c)

75. (b)

76. (a)

77. (c)

78. (d)

79. (b)

80. (b)

81. (c)

82. (a)

83. (a)

84. (d)

85. (a)

86. (c)

87. (a)

88. (d)

89. (a)

90. (b)

91. (c)

92. (b)

93. (a)

94. (a)

95. (c)

96. (a)

97. (c)

98. (a)

99. (a)

100. (a)

101. (b)

102. (b)

103. (b)

104. (a)

105. (b)

106. (d)

107. (a)

108. (c)

109. (a)

110. (d)

111. (b)

112. (a)

113. (d)

114. (d)

115. (c)

116. (d)

117. (d)

118. (b)

119. (b)

120. (c)

121. (d)

122. (c)

123. (a)

124. (b)

125. (a)

126. (b)

127. (c)

128. (a)

129. (b)

130. (d)

131. (c)

132. (b)

133. (a)

134. (c)

135. (a)

Exercise 3

Test I

1. (b)

2. (a)

3. (n)

4. (g)

5. (i)

6. (h)

7. (d)

8. (f)

9. (e)

10. (l)

11. (m)

12. (j)

13. (k)

14. (c)


Test II

1. (j)

2. (g)

3. (e)

4. (i)

5. (c)

6. (h)

7. (b)

8. (f)

9. (d)

10. (a)

Test III

1. (a)

2. (b)

Test IV

1. (d)

2. (g)

3. (f)

4. (a)

5. (e)

6. (c)

7. (b)


Test V

1. (h)

2. (c)

3. (b)

4. (g)

5. (i)

6. (f)

7. (d)

8. (a)

9. (e)


Test VI

1. (h)

2. (d)

3. (e)

4. (b)

5. (c)

6. (j)

7. (o)

8. (a)

9. (p)

10. (f)

11. (n)

12. (m)

13. (l)

14. (k)

15. (i)

16. (g)


Test VII

1. (h)

2. (j)

3. (e)

4. (k)

5. (c)

6. (g)

7. (f)

8. (a)

9. (l)

10. (b)

11. (d)

12. (i)



1. (i)

2. (h)

3. (e)

4. (g)

5. (c)

6. (f)

7. (d)

8. (b)

9. (a)


Test IX

1. (j)

2. (e)

3. (h)

4. (f)

5. (b)

6. (d)

7. (i)

8. (c)

9. (g)

10. (a)

11. (k)


Test X

1. (e)

2. (d)

3. (f)

4. (b)

5. (a)

6. (c)


Test XI

1. (o)

2. (d)

3. (q)

4. (e)

5. (b)

6. (l)

7. (p)

8. (m)

9. (n)

10. (k)

11. (j)

12. (f)

13. (h)

14. (i)

15. (a)

16. (g)

17. (c)