How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for the CAT (2014)


The Online CAT: From a VA/RC Perspective

Part 1: Building Skills for Reading Comprehension

Section 1: Reading Comprehension

Chapter 1. Introduction

Chapter 2. The Seven Dimension Approach to Better Reading Skills

Chapter 3. Theory of Reading Comprehension

Chapter 4. Illustrative CAT Passages (Solved)

Section 2: LOD Exercises

Chapter 5. Level of Difficulty—I

Chapter 6. Level of Difficulty—II

Chapter 7. Level of Difficulty—III

Chapter 8. Previous Years’ Questions from CAT

Part 2: Verbal Ability

Section 1: Vocabulary

Chapter 1. Word List I—High Frequency Words

Chapter 2. Word List II—Medium Frequency Words

Chapter 3. Word List III—Low Frequency Words

Chapter 4. Roots, Prefixes, Suffixes and Foreign Words

Chapter 5. Words and Phrases often Confused

Section 2: Vocabulary-based Questions

Chapter 6. Synonyms

Chapter 7. Antonyms

Chapter 8. Odd Man Out

Chapter 9. Analogies

Section 3: Fill in the Blanks

Block 1: Theory

Chapter 10. Sentence Completion

Block 2: LODs and CAT Questions

Chapter 11. Level of Difficulty—I

Chapter 12. Level of Difficulty—II

Chapter 13. Previous Years’ Questions from CAT

Section 4: Paragraph Jumbles

Block 1: Theory

Chapter 14. Paragraph Jumbles

Chapter 15. Practice Exercises on Paragraph Jumbles

Block 2: LODs and CAT Questions

Chapter 16. Level of Difficulty—I

Chapter 17. Level of Difficulty—II

Chapter 18. Level of Difficulty—III

Chapter 19. Previous Years’ Questions from CAT

Section 5: Sentence Correction

Chapter 20. Sentence Correction

Chapter 21. Fact, Inference, and Judgement

Section 6: New Verbal Question Types in CAT

Chapter 22A. Phrasal Verbs

Chapter 22B. Phrasal Verbs

Chapter 23. Paragraph Completion/ Last Sentence of the Paragraph

Chapter 24. Irrelevant Statement Questions

Part 3: Verbal Reasoning

Section 1: Critical Reasoning

Chapter 1. Critical Reasoning/Paragraph Comprehension

Chapter 2. Previous Years’ Questions from the CAT

Section 2: Syllogisms

Chapter 3. Syllogisms

Section 3: Binary Logic

Chapter 4. Verbal Reasoning Based on Binary Logic

Section 4: Logical Deductions

Chapter 5. Logical Deductions

Part 4: CAT Papers (Real and Sample)

Section 1: CAT Papers

Chapter 1. CAT Paper 2006

Chapter 2. CAT Paper 2007

Chapter 3. CAT Paper 2008

Section 2: Model Test Paper for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension

Chapter 4. Model Test Paper