Putting Together the Puzzle - Word Play - Are You Ready for the SAT & ACT

Are You Ready for the SAT & ACT?

Word Play

Putting Together the Puzzle

Read the following sentences. Based on the context clues and the definitions of the word parts, figure out which puzzle piece you need from the previous section to complete the word.

1. Although she normally felt just fine on airplanes, the ________ flight to France made her nervous. Knowing she was flying across the Atlantic Ocean made her very uncomfortable.


2. Caleb was confident when he went in for his ___________. Even though it was going to be the first time someone other than his parents or his teacher would hear him play, he knew he was going to do a good job.


3. Ironman and Hulk were __________, working with each other in the same time and place to fight crime.


4. When Tomas was younger, he wanted to be an __________. He even sent away to Space Camp for a brochure when he was in sixth grade.


5. When Elizabeth decided that she wanted to study amphibians and reptiles, her friends in the __________ department playfully changed her name from Elizabeth to Lizard-breath.


6. Although her tank top and shorts were perfect for the beach, they were not a good idea for the job interview. She didn”t think an ________ outfit would help her to get the job.


7. The company built an elaborate ________ in front of the corporate offices for the holidays, complete with decorations, lights, and animatronic animals.


8. When countries trade with each other, they often buy and sell things like cars and oil. Sometimes, though, more unusual things are carried to other countries. Liechtenstein, for example, is the world”s leading _______ of false teeth.

ex- -er

9. Jasmine went to __________ when she was 4, before she went to kindergarten the next year.


10. Unfortunately, he has a ___________ conversation style. Whenever you say something, he will argue the opposite.

contra- -ory