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Are You Ready for the SAT & ACT?

Word Play

Find the Definition

Read each of the following sentences. Based on the information provided, see if you can choose the best definition from the ones provided. Write the letter of the definition on the line beside the word. Not all definitions will be used.


1. When seawater mixes with fresh water, brackish _____ water is formed. Although it isn”t as salty as seawater, its salinity _____ is too high for the water to be safe for drinking. In order to be potable _____, the brackish water must go through adesalination _____ process.

a) amount of salt in something

b) removing salt

c) seasoning with salt

d) slightly salty

e) suitable for drinking

f) watering down

2. When Batman fights an adversary ______, his Bat-gadgets come in handy because he doesn”t have any actual superpowers. His Bat-darts contain tranquilizers ______ that can knock out enemies and his Batarangs are a type of shuriken ______ that he can throw to cut things or hook things. These tools, in addition to many others, have earned Batman the reputation as one of the most enterprising _____ superheroes out there.

a) criminal or inmate

b) drug that calms or induces sleep

c) enemy or opponent

d) Japanese decoration

e) showing resourcefulness or creativity

f) strong and fast

g) weapon that is used for throwing

3. Hundreds of zombiesswarmed ____ over the hillside, their gaits_____ awkward and stiff as they moved toward the town. The townspeople barricaded themselves in the Community Center, hoping their defense tactics _____ would be successful. Fortunately, the explosives that weredetonated _____ near the edge of town took out a large number of the monsters.

a) carefully planned strategy

b) move somewhere in large numbers

c) to block in or obstruct

d) to creep slowly

e) to explode with sudden violence

f) way of walking