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Word Play

Match the Definition

The following story is missing words. Read it carefully, and see if you can match the words provided with the gaps in the story. Be sure to read the whole story—some of the context clues you need may not be immediately beside the missing words.

Marco went to the State Fair. He didn”t care about the exhibits, the rides didn”t excite him, and he didn”t even look at the games. He was at the fair for one reason only: to eat. The choices were many, and the smells from the food tents rose into the air and mingled into a mouth-watering . His goal, as it was every year, was to eat until he couldn”t possibly eat anything else. He started slowly with roast corn and a caramel apple. Then he began to build up some with fried vegetables, a giant turkey leg, and kettle corn. And that was just on the Midway. Later he found deep-fried candy bars, chicken-fried bacon, and corn dogs. He ventured into the exhibit halls, but only for the offerings. The cotton candy spun from pure maple sugar, the giant dill pickles, the hush puppy samples, and the homemade fudge. If he could find it, he ate it. The good, the bad, and the ugly. He was going strong for the first two hours, wandering the fairgrounds as he ate one snack after another. He was confident through the fresh-cut fries and barbecue, but began to after the ostrich burger. He plowed ahead, though—having been through the center of the fair, he still had to work his way around the of the fairgrounds to get back to his car. Nearly at his destination, he discovered a(n) he had never seen before. A normal hamburger, dressed with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, mustard, and ketchup, but instead of the regular sesame bun, the hamburger was served between two glazed doughnuts. It was the most food item he had seen at the fair that year, and would be the perfect way to end the trip. He took a bite and his stomach gave a(n) lurch. He took a deep breath, determined to finish it. Four more bites, lots of careful chewing, and the burger was gone. And he was done until next year.

aroma (noun)

an odor arising from spices, plants, cooking, and so forth, especially an agreeable odor

circumference (noun)

the outer boundary, especially of a circular area; perimeter

concoction (noun)

a combination of ingredients

edible (adjective)

fit to be eaten as food

falter (verb)

to hesitate or waver

momentum (noun)

force or speed of movement

ominous (adjective)

threatening evil or harm

unique (adjective)

existing as the only one; not typical; unusual