ANSWERS - Word Play - Are You Ready for the SAT & ACT

Are You Ready for the SAT & ACT?

Word Play


Functions of Words

1. jail; noun (a place)

2. baby; verb (an action)

3. baby; adjective (describing “panda”)

4. work; adjective (describing “day”)

5. word; verb (an action)

6. work; verb (an action)

7. jail; verb (an action)

8. word; noun (a thing)

9. baby; noun (a person)

10. word; adjective (describing “games”)

Description Conniption

The day of the contest had arrived. Mrs. Fuzzypaws woke with butterflies in her stomach. Or maybe that was just a hairball. No matter. Today was the day! She could feel it. This year was going to be her year. Tibsy had taken Grand Champion the years, first for her Catopatra outfit and then year with her Queen Feline getup. Mrs. Fuzzypaws knew that place was nothing to sneeze at, but she wanted to win. And year, she figured it was in the bag. Relevant, -made, and clever, the and gold scarf had been knitted to fit her neck, and the wig had been curled and then frizzed. A lick of the paws, a clip of the nails, and she was ready to make her debut … as Purr-mione Granger.

Bring It All Together!

The Verb/Noun Shuffle


Verbs or Nouns

















Transforming Words


1. ridiculous

2. contagious

3. scandalous

4. famous

5. cavernous

6. cautious

7. gracious


8. demonstration

9. election

10. citation

11. extinction

12. alteration

13. attention

14. fascination

Context Cartoons

1. b

2. a

3. d

4. c

5. a

The Pieces of the Puzzle

1. f

2. d

3. j

4. i

5. e

6. g

7. h

8. b

9. c

10. a

Putting Together the Puzzle

1. trans-atlantic

2. aud-ition

3. con-temporaries

4. astro-naut

5. herpet-ology

6. in-appropriate

7. struct-ure

8. ex-port-er

9. pre-school

10. contra-dict-ory

Expand It! (answers may vary)

1. audience, auditorium, auditory

2. ineligible, inaccurate, incorrect

3. astrodome, astronomer, asteroid

4. biology, oncology, etymology, zoology

5. concur, convention, contact

6. instruct, destruction, deconstruct

7. prepare, preamble, prehistoric

8. diction, dictator, benediction

9. transfer, transformer, transfusion

10. portable, porter, support, deport

Find the Definition

1. d, a, e, b

2. c, b, g, e

3. b, f, a, e

Write the Definition (definitions may vary)

2. Before Thomas Edison got the lightbulb to work, over ten thousand of his attempts were failures. Luckily, he stuck with the experiment, and because of his tenacity, we now have a way to see things at nighttime. sticking to something

3. Ebenezer Scrooge, the famous miser from Dickens” A Christmas Carol, is so penurious that he refuses to give even a little money to help the poor. stingy, penny-pinching

4. My goal of remaining inconspicuous was ruined when I tripped over my shoelace and crashed into a table, attracting the attention of everyone in the room. unnoticed

5. The darkness of the countryside would have been almost complete if not for the luminous moon that helped light the path. giving off light

6. Rocks and sand grains frozen into glaciers can create glacial striations as the glacier moves, cutting parallel grooves in the bedrock below the ice. lines, marks, grooves

Match the Definition

1. aroma

2. momentum

3. edible

4. falter

5. circumference

6. concoction

7. unique

8. ominous

Connotation versus Denotation

1. good; “I smiled and looked for the food”; positive

2. bad; “I grimaced and pinched my nose”; negative

Create the Mood (answers may vary)

1. The helpful flight attendant brought cold drinks to the thirsty travelers and handed a soft blanket to a grateful lady with a sleepy baby.

The cranky flight attendant brought expensive drinks to the miserable travelers and handed a scratchy blanket to a tired lady with a screaming baby.

2. The excited crowd gathered noisily outside the performance building with their fan signs.

The angry crowd gathered ominously outside the government building with their protest signs.