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Are You Ready for the SAT & ACT?

Word Play

Functions of Words

As mentioned earlier, the function of the word is just as important as the word itself. Read the following sentences and choose a word from the word bank to complete the sentence. Use the context clues to determine the best meaning. Then, on the line at the end of the sentence, label each missing word by its function as a noun (n), verb (v), or adjective (adj). Each word will be used more than once.





1. The police officer warned the trespassers that if they didn”t leave the property, they would go to jail. n

2. She refused to _____ the child because she wanted him to learn to take care of himself. _____

3. The _____ panda at the national zoo received a flood of attention after its birth. _____

4. Although there were no students at school, the teachers still had to come in for the _____ day. _____

5. Can you help me figure out how to _____ this letter? I want to make sure I say this correctly. _____

6. Unless you _____ for NASA, your chances of going to space are practically non-existent. _____

7. The judge threatened to _____ anyone who spoke out of turn in her courtroom. _____

8. Sometimes it”s a challenge to figure out exactly which ____ to use when you”re describing something amazing. _____

9. I didn”t realize there was a _____ in the room until I suddenly heard crying. _____

10. My favorite thing to do on a long car ride is to play _____ games. I”m particularly good at crossword puzzles and jumbles. _____