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Description Conniption

In the following paragraph, adjectives and adverbs are bolded. Read the paragraph carefully and decide which type of word is bolded in each sentence. Remember that adjectives only describe nouns, while adverbs can describe verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs. Adverbs often end with -ly, but not always! Circle the adjectives and box the adverbs.

The day of the costume contest had finally arrived. Mrs. Fuzzypaws woke with butterflies in her stomach. Or maybe that was just a hairball. No matter. Today was the day! She could feel it. This year was going to be her year. Tibsy had taken Grand Champion the past two years, first for heroutrageously clever Catopatra outfit and then last year with her Queen Feline getup. Mrs. Fuzzypaws knew that second place was nothing to sneeze at, but she desperately wanted to win. And this year, she figured it was in the bag. Relevant, well-made, and clever, the scarlet and gold scarf had been knitted precisely to fit her neck, and the wig had carefully been curled and then frizzed. A quick lick of the paws, a clip of the nails, and she was ready to make her debut … as Purr-mione Granger.