Transitions Practice - Power of the Word - Are You Ready for the SAT & ACT

Are You Ready for the SAT & ACT?

Power of the “Word”

Transitions Practice

Let”s see how transition words can help us to predict the meanings of a few more sentences. Circle the transition words, and think about whether these are same direction or opposite direction transitions.

1. While most people believe that “practice makes perfect,”…

a) the best musicians are those who practice their instruments every day.

b) I agree strongly with this quote and try to practice it in my daily life.

c) often the most impressive people in any field are those who were born with some natural ability.

d) [Cannot be determined from the original sentence]

2. I never go to the grocery store when I”m hungry because…

a) being hungry compromises my ability to make wise purchases there.

b) hunger makes me move more quickly through the store, which I like.

c) grocery stores are an important feature of most towns.

d) [Cannot be determined from the original sentence]

3. Although Herman Melville”s novels are now widely appreciated,…

a) Nathaniel Hawthorne was another popular author of Melville”s time, though he was a bit older.

b) some of the novels sold poorly during his lifetime and were not rediscovered until after his death.

c) Melville”s earliest novels, Typee and Omoo, were “bestsellers” and established Melville”s early reputation.

d) [Cannot be determined from the original sentence]

4. Because so many people watch shows on their computers rather than their televisions these days,…

a) many networks have started to create original programming that does not appear on television at all.

b) advertisers are more eager than ever to get their commercials on during television”s prime hours.

c) televisions have become extremely advanced, and some of them have 3-D capability.

d) [Cannot be determined from the original sentence]

5. Many college graduates go on to great careers even though…

a) they work diligently throughout college and get straight As.

b) they do not graduate from one of the country”s “elite” schools.

c) the number of students going to college each year has risen since the 1970s.

d) [Cannot be determined from the original sentence]

Now predict what will come before or after each of these sentences. Keep circling transition words and thinking about whether they are same direction or opposite direction transitions.

6. ________________________________, yet I still haven”t heard the band”s new album.

7. Scientists have recently discovered what may be a cure for the disease, though __________________________.

8. The electrician said he would be here by 11 A.M., however, _____________________.

9. ___________________________; therefore, I”ve decided to study a lot in preparation for it.

10. I have no desire to see the new robot movie, nor ____________________.

Now it”s your turn to add the transition words. Choose the word that best fits from the list of answer choices.

11. I”m a little tired of this job, _____ I”ve decided to look for another one.

a) but

b) for

c) yet

d) so

12. Goat may be the most-consumed meat in the world, ______ I”ve never tried it.

a) thus

b) but

c) and

d) so

13. The weather report today said it was supposed to be sunny, _____ it”s raining heavily right now.

a) therefore

b) because

c) yet

d) and

14. ________ the picnic was rained out, we decided to hold it inside instead.

a) Although

b) Despite the fact that

c) Even though

d) Because

15. I recently read that it”s good to walk a lot; _______, I”m getting off the bus a few stops early and walking the rest of the way.

a) therefore

b) however

c) nevertheless

d) even so