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Are You Ready for the SAT & ACT?

Word Play

Context Cartoons

Carefully read the following cartoons and sentences. Based on the context clues provided, select the best definition for each of the bolded words.


made with

a) uncommonly talented

b) impossible to hear

c) mean-spirited teasing

d) famous

2. On the iPhone above, predictive text can be a useful feature, but it can also lead to amazing autocorrect fails. No matter how smart a phone is, it can”t always know what you want to say before you say it.

a) saying something will happen in the future

b) abbreviated for efficiency

c) grammatically incorrect

d) inappropriate

Jon Le-Bon/

3. The former soldier was hired to transport cargo from one location to another with no questions asked, but the day he stopped to look in the trunk was the day things got crazy.

a) to work hard

b) to sell for profit

c) to fight tirelessly

d) to carry from one place to another


4. When one is attempting to construct a home in a cave, the most important factor to consider is location. Building a home in a cave that is too wet, too remote, or has too many bats can only cause trouble.

a) demolish

b) find

c) build

d) dry out


5. While some people believe that astrology is nothing but hocus pocus, others think that studying the movements of the stars and planets is a valid way to make predictions about the future.

a) the study of how the stars and planets influence lives and behavior of people

b) the study of how the shape of the skull could indicate mental abilities and character

c) science that deals with the structure of substances and the changes that they go through

d) science concerned with how goods and services are produced, sold, and bought