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Are You Ready for the SAT & ACT?

Word Play

The Pieces of the Puzzles

Many words are built with pieces that come from Latin and Greek words. The pieces fit together like puzzles to construct words. Although the word parts come from foreign languages you may have never studied, you probably know many of them already without realizing it. Based on the definitions of the words you just used in the previous section, see if you can match the individual parts of each word to their definitions.

_____ 1.

a. across

_____ 2.

b. before

_____ 3.

c. build

_____ 4.

d. hear

_____ 5.

e. not

_____ 6.

f. star

_____ 7.

g. study of

_____ 8.

h. to carry

_____ 9.

i. to say

_____ 10.

j. with