Basic Word Parts


Common Suffixes


Suffixes are syllables that are added to a word. Occasionally, they change the meaning of the word; more frequently, they serve to change the grammatical form of the word (noun to adjective, adjective to noun, noun to verb).





   able, ible

   capable of (adjective suffix)

portable able to be carried

interminable not able to be limited

legible able to be read

   ac, ic

   like, pertaining to
(adjective suffix)

cardiac pertaining to the heart

aquatic pertaining to the water

dramatic pertaining to the drama

   acious, icious

   full of (adjective suffix)

audacious full of daring

perspicacious full of mental perception

avaricious full of greed


   pertaining to (adjective or noun suffix)

maniacal insane

final pertaining to the end

logical pertaining to logic

   ant, ent

   full of (adjective or noun suffix)

eloquent pertaining to fluid, effective speech

suppliant pleader (person full of requests)

verdant green


   like, connected with
(adjective or noun suffix)

dictionary book connected with words

honorary with honor

luminary celestial body


   to make (verb suffix)

consecrate to make holy

enervate to make weary

mitigate to make less severe


   that which is (noun suffix)

exasperation irritation

irritation annoyance


   state of being (noun suffix)

democracy government ruled by the people

obstinacy stubbornness

accuracy correctness

   eer (er, or)

   person who (noun suffix)

mutineer person who rebels

lecher person who lusts

censor person who deletes improper remarks


   becoming (adjective suffix)

evanescent tending to vanish

pubescent arriving at puberty


   making, doing (adjective suffix)

terrific arousing great fear

soporific causing sleep


   to make (verb suffix)

magnify enlarge

petrify turn to stone

beautify make beautiful


   producing, bearing (adjective suffix)

pestiferous carrying disease

vociferous bearing a loud voice

   il, ile

   pertaining to, capable of (adjective suffix)

puerile pertaining to a boy or child

ductile capable of being hammered or drawn

civil polite


   doctrine, belief (noun suffix)

monotheism belief in one god

fanaticism excessive zeal; extreme belief


   dealer, doer (noun suffix)

fascist one who believes in a fascist state

realist one who is realistic

artist one who deals with art


   state of being (noun suffix)

annuity yearly grant

credulity state of being unduly willing to believe

sagacity wisdom


   like (adjective suffix)

expensive costly

quantitative concerned with quantity

effusive gushing

   ize, ise

   make (verb suffix)

victimize make a victim of

rationalize make rational

harmonize make harmonious

enfranchise make free or set free


   resembling, like (adjective suffix)

ovoid like an egg

anthropoid resembling man

spheroid resembling a sphere


   full of (adjective suffix)

verbose full of words

lachrymose full of tears


   condition (noun suffix)

psychosis diseased mental condition

neurosis nervous condition

hypnosis condition of induced sleep


   full of (adjective suffix)

nauseous full of nausea

ludicrous foolish


   state of (noun suffix)

fortitude state of strength

beatitude state of blessedness

certitude state of sureness