The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Speed Reading

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Speed Reading (2008)


Part I. Getting Up to Speed with What You Read

Chapter 1. Getting Started Speed Reading

Chapter 2. Winning Hands Down

Chapter 3. Peripheral Vision and the Power of Prediction

Chapter 4. The Eyes Have It

Chapter 5. Working on Comprehension

Part II. Get In, Get Out, and Don't Go Back

Chapter 6. Getting Ready to Get In

Chapter 7. Getting In

Chapter 8. Getting Out

Chapter 9. Don’t Go Back

Chapter 10. Speed Reading Books and Magazines

Part III. Tuning Up Your Speed

Chapter 11. What to Speed Read... and What Not To

Chapter 12. Speed Reading On Screen

Chapter 13. Kick Your Bad Habits, and Watch Your Speed Soar

Part IV. Overload Management

Chapter 14. Embrace Your Paper Reading Piles

Chapter 15. Making Your Electronic Piles Inviting

Appendix A. Glossary

Appendix B. Timed Reading Exercises

Appendix C. Personal Progress Charts

Appendix D. Calculating Your Reading Speed