A Few Final Thoughts - High School Algebra I Unlocked (2016)

High School Algebra I Unlocked (2016)

A Few Final Thoughts

Congratulations! You’ve made it through High School Algebra I Unlocked! You’ve conquered the fundamentals; mastered exponents, polynomials, equations, and inequalities; and crossed the difficult algebra terrain that is quadratic equations and functions. Hopefully this book has given you the tools you need to unlock even the most challenging algebra problems and apply a range of techniques with which solve them. Additionally, we hope that you have a firm grasp of core Algebra I concepts and their real-world applications.

So, what now? Remember to review this book’s online content by accessing your Student Tools. (The instructions for registering your book can be found on this page.) There you’ll find a section covering pre-algebra concepts like systems of measurement and converting between units; familiarity with this material is crucial as you continue your Algebra I journey. Additionally, you can download and print two bonus chapters on the visual representation of data: Chapter 11, which covers two-way frequency tables and scatterplots, and Chapter 12, which focuses on histograms, dot plots, and box plots. This material will expand and deepen your knowledge of Algebra I concepts as you apply them to real-world contexts involving data.

Furthermore, if you’re preparing for a big exam like the SAT or ACT, check out the additional “Locksmith” SAT and ACT example questions in your Student Tools. These will help you refine your approach to the types of problems you’ll see on these tests. And even if the SAT or ACT isn’t in your immediate future, this extra practice will help sharpen your algebra skills and techniques.

Finally, we encourage you to return to this book and revisit the lessons here as often as needed. This book is meant to be a tool to support and supplement your studies, so we hope it helps you find the keys to unlock algebra and build your confidence time and time again.