High School Algebra I Unlocked (2016)

High School Algebra I Unlocked (2016)

About This Book

Chapter 1. Fundamentals: Terminology and Properties

Lesson 1.1. Understanding Expressions

Lesson 1.2. Mathematical Properties

Lesson 1.3. Exact Answers, Approximate Answers, and Estimation

Chapter 2. Exponents and Sequences

Lesson 2.1. Exponents

Lesson 2.2. Sequences

Chapter 3. Polynomial Expressions

Lesson 3.1. Introduction to Polynomial Expressions

Lesson 3.2. Adding and Subtracting Polynomial Expressions

Lesson 3.3. Multiplying Polynomial Expressions

Lesson 3.4. Factoring Polynomial Expressions

Chapter 4. Equations and Inequalities

Lesson 4.1. Single-Variable Linear Equations

Lesson 4.2. Single-Variable Inequalities

Lesson 4.3. Equivalent Equations

Lesson 4.4. Two-Variable Linear Equations

Lesson 4.5. Exponential Equations

Chapter 5. Systems of Equations and Inequalities

Lesson 5.1. Systems of Equations

Lesson 5.2. Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Lesson 5.3. Solving Linear Inequalities

Chapter 6. Quadratic Equations and Inequalities

Lesson 6.1. Introduction to Quadratic Equations

Lesson 6.2. The Quadratic Formula

Lesson 6.3. Quadratic Inequalities

Lesson 6.4. Systems of Linear and Quadratic Equations

Chapter 7. Function Basics

Lesson 7.1. Function Fundamentals

Lesson 7.2. Intervals and Interval Notation

Lesson 7.3. Graphical Representations of Functions

Lesson 7.4. Graphing Functions

Chapter 8. Quadratic Functions

Lesson 8.1. Introduction to Quadratic Functions

Lesson 8.2. Solving Quadratic Functions

Chapter 9. Manipulating Functions

Lesson 9.1. Functions: A Review of the Basics

Lesson 9.2. Vertical and Horizontal Translations

Lesson 9.3. Reflections

Lesson 9.4. Vertical and Horizontal Scaling

Chapter 10. Other Functions

Lesson 10.1. Absolute Value, Piecewise, and Step Functions

Lesson 10.2. Inverse Functions

A Few Final Thoughts