High School Algebra II Unlocked (2016)

High School Algebra II Unlocked (2016)

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Chapter 1. Complex Numbers and Polynomials

Lesson 1.1. Complex Numbers

Lesson 1.2. Operations with Polynomials

Lesson 1.3. Polynomial Identities

Lesson 1.4. Graphing Polynomials (Beyond Quadratics)

Lesson 1.5. Tips for Factoring Polynomials

Lesson 1.6. Polynomials in the Real World

Chapter 2. Systems of Equations and Rational Expressions

Lesson 2.1. The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra

Lesson 2.2. Systems of Equations

Lesson 2.3. Variation Equations

Lesson 2.4. Rational Expressions

Chapter 3. Radical and Rational Equations and Inequalities

Lesson 3.1. Rational Equations in One Variable

Lesson 3.2. Rational Inequalities in One Variable

Lesson 3.3. Rational Functions

Lesson 3.4. Radical Equations in One Variable

Lesson 3.5. Radical Inequalities in One Variable

Lesson 3.6. Radical Functions

Chapter 4. Trigonometric Functions

Lesson 4.1. Trigonometric Ratios and Triangles

Lesson 4.2. Radians

Lesson 4.3. Trigonometric Functions and Circles

Lesson 4.4. Graphing Trigonometric Functions

Lesson 4.5. Trigonometric Function Identities

Lesson 4.6. Trigonometric Functions in Real Life

Chapter 5. Logarithms

Lesson 5.1. Inverse Functions

Lesson 5.2. Logarithms

Lesson 5.3. Logarithmic Identities

Lesson 5.4. Logarithmic Functions

Lesson 5.5. Logarithms in the Real World

Chapter 6. More Functions

Lesson 6.1. Cube Root Functions

Lesson 6.2. Piecewise-Defined Functions

Lesson 6.3. Exponential Functions

Chapter 7. Making and Using Mathematical Models

Lesson 7.1. Manipulating Equations

Lesson 7.2. Interpreting Equations, Tables, and Graphs

Lesson 7.3. Modeling Situations With Equations and Inequalities

Lesson 7.4. Modeling Situations with Graphs

Chapter 8. Inferences and Conclusions from Data

Lesson 8.1. Data Collection

Lesson 8.2. Means and Measures of Variability

Lesson 8.3. Frequency Distributions

Lesson 8.4. Probability Distributions

Lesson 8.5. Sample Proportions and Sampling Distribution

Lesson 8.6. Confidence Intervals and Margins of Error