Calculus For Dummies

Calculus For Dummies, 2nd Edition (2014)


Part I. An Overview of Calculus

Chapter 1. What Is Calculus?

Chapter 2. The Two Big Ideas of Calculus: Differentiation and Integration - plus Infinite Series

Chapter 3. Why Calculus Works

Part II. Warming Up with Calculus Prerequisites

Chapter 4. Pre-Algebra and Algebra Review

Chapter 5. Funky Functions and Their Groovy Graphs

Chapter 6. The Trig Tango

Part III. Limits

Chapter 7. Limits and Continuity

Chapter 8. Evaluating Limits

Part IV. Differentiation

Chapter 9. Differentiation Orientation

Chapter 10. Differentiation Rules - Yeah, Man, It Rules

Chapter 11. Differentiation and the Shape of Curves

Chapter 12. Your Problems Are Solved: Differentiation to the Rescue!

Chapter 13. More Differentiation Problems: Going Off on a Tangent

Part V. Integration and Infinite Series

Chapter 14. Intro to Integration and Approximating Area

Chapter 15. Integration: It’s Backwards Differentiation

Chapter 16. Integration Techniques for Experts

Chapter 17. Forget Dr. Phil: Use the Integral to Solve Problems

Chapter 18. Taming the Infinite with Improper Integrals

Chapter 19. Infinite Series

Part VI. The Part of Tens

Chapter 20. Ten Things to Remember

Chapter 21. Ten Things to Forget