Preface - Easy Mathematics Step-by-Step

Easy Mathematics Step-by-Step (2012)


Easy Mathematics Step-by-Step is an interactive approach to learning basic math. It contains completely worked-out sample solutions that are explained in detailed, step-by-step instructions. Moreover, it features guiding principles, cautions against common errors, and offers other helpful advice as “pop-ups” in the margins. The book takes you from number concepts to skills in elementary algebra and ends with simple descriptive statistics. Concepts are broken into basic components to provide ample practice of fundamental skills.

The anxiety you may feel while trying to succeed in math is a real-life phenomenon. Many people experience such a high level of tension when faced with a math problem that they simply cannot perform to the best of their abilities. It is possible to overcome this difficulty by building your confidence in your ability to do math and by minimizing your fear of making mistakes.

No matter how much it might seem to you that math is too hard to master, success will come. Learning math requires lots of practice. Most important, it requires a true confidence in yourself and in the fact that, with practice and persistence, you will be able to say, “I can do this!”

In addition to the many worked-out, step-by-step sample problems, this book presents a variety of exercises and levels of difficulty to provide reinforcement of math concepts and skills. After working a set of exercises, use the worked-out solutions to check your understanding of the concepts.

We sincerely hope Easy Mathematics Step-by-Step will help you acquire greater competence and confidence in using math in your future endeavors.