Resources - Basic Math and Pre-Algebra

Basic Math and Pre-Algebra

APPENDIX D. Resources


One of the first things you learn as a teacher is that sometimes the best way to help a student understand an idea is to let someone else—not you—explain it. If you need additional guidance on any of the topics in this book, or if you’re ready for more math challenges, these resources can help.

For algebra topics that go beyond the scope of this book, check out these Idiot’s Guides.

Szczepanski, Amy F., PhD, and Andrew P. Kositsky. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Pre-Algebra. Indianapolis, IN: Alpha Books, 2008.

Kelley, W. Michael. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Algebra, Second Edition. Indianapolis, IN:

Alpha Books, 2007.

There are also many, many online math resources. Some are good, some are great, and some are not. When you’re looking for math help on the internet, don’t immediately believe everything you see. Here are a few resources I recommend. offers you a chance to have your math questions answered by Dr. Math. Before sending in a question, search the library of questions and answers to see if it has already been answered. is a colorful site—so colorful it might not seem like a serious math site at first glance—but it’s full of tutorials and study tips that you might find helpful. has a large collection of video lessons that cover topics from basic arithmetic, through pre-algebra, and on to algebra and beyond.