Basic Math and Pre-Algebra

PART 1. The World of Numbers

CHAPTER 1. Our Number System

  The Counting Numbers

  Scientific Notation


CHAPTER 2. Arithmetic

  Addition and Subtraction

  Multiplication and Division

CHAPTER 3. Order of Operations and Integers

  Order of Operations

  The Distributive Property

  The Integers

  Arithmetic with Integers

CHAPTER 4. Factors and Multiples

  Prime Numbers

  Prime Factorization

  Greatest Common Factor

  Least Common Multiple

CHAPTER 5. Fractions

  The Rational Numbers

  Arithmetic with Fractions

CHAPTER 6. Decimals

  Decimal Fractions

  Powers and Scientific Notation Revisited

  Arithmetic with Decimal Fractions

  Rational and Irrational Numbers

CHAPTER 7. Ratios, Proportions, and Percentages

  Proportional Reasoning

  Calculating with Percentages

PART 2. Into the Unknown

CHAPTER 8. Variables and Expressions

  Using Variables

  Multiplying with Variables

  Dividing with Variables

CHAPTER 9. Adding and Subtracting with Variables

  When Are Terms “Like Terms”?

  Adding and Subtracting Like Terms

  Simplifying Expressions


CHAPTER 10. Solving Equations and Inequalities

  Using Equations to Find the Missing Number

  One Solution or Many?

CHAPTER 11. Coordinate Graphing

  The Coordinate Plane

  Graphing Linear Equations

  Graphs of Inequalities

PART 3. The Shape of the World

CHAPTER 12. Basics of Geometry

  Points, Lines, Planes, and Angles

  Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

CHAPTER 13. Triangles

  Facts about Triangles

  Classifying Triangles

  Right Triangles

  Area and Perimeter

CHAPTER 14. Quadrilaterals and Other Polygons



  Rhombuses and Squares


  Perimeter of Quadrilaterals

  Area of Quadrilaterals

  Polygons with More than Four Sides

CHAPTER 15. Circles

  The Language of Circles

  Segments and Angles

  Lines and Angles

  Area and Circumference

  Circles in the Coordinate Plane

CHAPTER 16. Surface Area and Volume

  Measuring Solids






CHAPTER 17. Geometry at Work

  Areas of Irregular Figures

  Similarity and Congruence

  Indirect Measurement with Similar Triangles

  Indirect Measurement with Trigonometry

PART 4. The State of the World

CHAPTER 18. Probability

  Counting Methods

  Relative Frequency

  Theoretical Probability

  Probability of Compound Events

CHAPTER 19. Graphs

  Bar Graph


  Circle Graph

  Line Graph

CHAPTER 20. Measures of Center and Spread

  The Centers

  The Separators

  The Spread

PART 5. Extra Practice

CHAPTER 21. Extra Practice

  Part I: Arithmetic

  Part II: Algebra

  Part III: Geometry

  Part IV: Probability and Statistics

APPENDIX A. Check Point Answers

APPENDIX B. Extra Practice Answers

APPENDIX C. Glossary

APPENDIX D. Resources

APPENDIX E. Measurement