Mathematics of Life

Mathematics of Life (2011)


Chapter 1. Mathematics and Biology

Chapter 2. Creatures Small and Smaller

Chapter 3. Long List of Life

Chapter 4. Florally Finding Fibonacci

Chapter 5. The Origin of Species

Chapter 6. In a Monastery Garden

Chapter 7. The Molecule of Life

Chapter 8. The Book of Life

Chapter 9. Taxonomist, Taxonomist, Spare that Tree

Chapter 10. Virus from the Fourth Dimension

Chapter 11. Hidden Wiring

Chapter 12. Knots and Folds

Chapter 13. Spots and Stripes

Chapter 14. Lizard Games

Chapter 15. Networking Opportunities

Chapter 16. The Paradox of the Plankton

Chapter 17. What is Life?

Chapter 18. Is Anybody Out There?

Chapter 19. The Sixth Revolution