The SAT Student Guide 2017-18

The SAT Student Guide 2017-18

The College Board, 2017. — 112 p.

Using This Guide

We’ve created this guide to help you:

Become familiar with the test so that you’re not surprised or confused on test day.

Learn the test directions. The directions for answering the questions in this booklet are the same as those on the actual test.

Review the sample questions. The more familiar you are with the question formats, the more comfortable you’ll feel when you see similar questions on the actual test. In particular, be sure to practice writing answers to the student-produced response questions on the Math Test (see page 26). Find additional sample questions at

Understand how the tests are scored. You get one point for each right answer. Hard questions count the same as easier questions. You won’t lose any points if you have to guess, so try to answer every question.

Take the practice test when you're ready. Go to to learn how you can get scores just by taking a picture of your answers with your phone.

For personalized practice based on your results, go to, where you can:

Create your own study plan.

Get personalized instruction that targets the skills and knowledge you need to work on.

Using This Guide

What the SAT Measures

Organization of the SAT

How the SAT Is Scored

Practice for the SAT

Protecting Your Privacy

Evidence-Based Reading and Writing

Reading Test Overview

Sample Reading Test Materials

Reading Test Questions

Writing and Language Test Overview

Sample Writing and Language Test Materials

Writing and Language Test Questions


Math Test Overview

Calculator Use

Sample Math Test Materials

Math Test – No Calculator Questions

Math Test – Calculator Questions

The SAT Essay

The SAT Essay Overview

Sample Essay

The SAT Essay Scoring Guide

Official SAT Practice Test

About the Practice Test

Approaches to the Practice Test

Marking the Answer Sheet

Calculating Your Scores

Evaluate Your Test Performance

SAT Practice Answer Sheets

Reading Test

Writing and Language Test

Math Test – No Calculator

Math Test – Calculator

SAT Practice Essay