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The Journal of Children and Media is an interdisciplinary and multimethod peer-reviewed publication that provides a space for discussion by scholars and professionals from around the world and across theoretical and empirical traditions who are engaged in the study of media in the lives of children. It is a unique intellectual forum for the exchange of information about all forms and contents of media in regards to all aspects of children’s lives, and especially in three complementary realms: children as consumers of media, representations of children in the media, and media organizations and productions for children and by them. It is committed to the facilitation of international dialogue among researchers and professionals, through discussion of interaction between children and media in local, national, and global contexts; concern for diversity issues; a critical and empirical inquiry informed by a variety of theoretical and empirical approaches; and dedication to ensuring the social relevance of the academic knowledge it produces to the cultural, political, and personal welfare of children around the world. In addition to research articles, the journal also features a Review and Commentary section which includes book reviews, suggestions for new directions in theory and research, notes on work-in-progress, commentary on developments within the field of children and media, responses to past journal articles, contributions to pedagogy and informal education practices, commentary on media production for children and media literacy programs, and reflections on ways to bridge the concerns of academia and activism. The current editor of the journal is Dafna Lemish from Tel Aviv University and the journal is published by Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group. For more information, see

Dafna Lemish