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The Journal of Early Intervention (JEI) is a peer-reviewed journal related to research and practice in early intervention. Early intervention is defined broadly as resources, supports, and procedures that support the development and early learning of infants and young children with special needs, their families, or the personnel who serve them. JEI is the official research journal of the Division for Early Childhood (DEC) of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC). Six individuals have served terms as editor since the journal was first published in 1979 as the Journal of the Division for Early Childhood: Merle Karnes (19811988), Samuel Odom (1988-1991), Donald Bailey (1991-1994), Steven Warren (1994-1997), R. A. McWilliam (1997-2002), and Patricia Snyder (2002-2007). In 1989, the journal was renamed the Journal of Early Intervention. JEI is annotated and indexed widely. Additional information about the journal, including editorial policies and author guidelines, is located

Patricia Snyder