How to Succeed in Your First Year - Secrets for Secondary School Teachers

Secrets for Secondary School Teachers: How to Succeed in Your First Year (2004)


Chapter 1. Learning Your Way Around the School

Chapter 2. Organizing Your Room

Chapter 3. Knowing Your Students

Chapter 4. Dressing for Success

Chapter 5. Beginning and Ending Your Class on the First Day

Chapter 6. Developing Plans for Instruction and Assessment

Chapter 7. Managing Time and Paperwork

Chapter 8. Avoiding Boredom—Theirs and Yours

Chapter 9. Eating Lunch

Chapter 10. Connecting With Students

Chapter 11. Communicating With Parents

Chapter 12. Dealing With Difficult Students

Chapter 13. Getting Involved in Activities

Chapter 14. Networking With Professionals

Chapter 15. Using a Substitute

Chapter 16. Taking Care of Yourself to Minimize Stress

Chapter 17. Planning for Your Future

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