5 Steps to a 5: AP Physics 2: Algebra-Based 2024 - Jacobs Greg 2023


Well, I just have to say this wouldn’t have been possible without my family who has always believed in me. You are the best family I’ve ever had! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are the best!

Oh, yeah! Thank you, Todd, for starting me down the path to this gig. I still owe you a steak . . . or is it two by now?

Special Acknowledgment and Thank You to Greg Jacobs

Everyone who reads this book will quickly notice the similarities to Greg Jacobs’ outstanding book 5 Steps to a 5—AP Physics 1. 5 Steps to a 5—AP Physics 2 is shamelessly modeled after Greg’s work for two reasons:

1. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that AP Physics 2 follows AP Physics 1. I felt it was important to follow Greg’s lead and offer students a smooth transition in both content, style, and format from one book to the next.

2. Greg’s previous publication, 5 Steps to a 5—AP Physics B has helped thousands of students successfully prepare for the AP exam. When AP Physics B was split into AP Physics 1 and 2, Greg took some of the original “B” material and utilized it in his new AP Physics 1 book. I followed this pattern. Material from Greg’s AP Physics B book can easily be seen throughout the study guide.

In short, this book stands on the foundation that Greg Jacobs built. I cannot thank him enough for providing a blueprint for success. (You can find out more about Greg Jacobs by visiting his blog: http://jacobsphysics.blogspot.com/.)


Chris Bruhn began his career as an aerospace engineer with Bell Helicopter before choosing teaching as his calling. Since becoming an educator, he has taught all varieties of AP Physics in schools, including inner-city, suburban, and charter schools, and he has shown a particular talent at constructing successful educational programs. Chris was honored as L.D. Bell High School Teacher of the Year and earned the O’Donnell Texas AP Teacher Award for “remarkable contributions to his students and school, as well as to the teaching profession.” The Dallas Morning News ran a front-page article featuring Chris and his students on January 26, 2010. (Dallas Morning News article: “AP teacher sparks students’ love of physics and wins $30,000.”) Chris is an educational trainer. He continues to create and share curriculum and educational resources as well as lead institutes and study sessions for teachers and students around the country. Outside of teaching, Chris likes building things, sports, painting, travel, watching superhero movies with his kids, and generally having fun. And now he is writing this book!