AP Physics C Exam review

AP Physics C Exam review

Part I Using This Book to Improve Your AP Score

Part II About the AP Physics C Exam

Part III Test-Taking Strategies for the AP Physics C Exam

Chapter 1 How to Approach Multiple-Choice Questions

Chapter 2 How to Approach Free-Response Questions

Part IV Content Review for the AP Physics C Exam

Chapter 3 Vectors

Chapter 4 Kinematics

Chapter 5 Newton’s Laws

Chapter 6 Work, Energy, and Power

Chapter 7 Linear Momentum

Chapter 8 Rotational Motion

Chapter 9 Laws of Gravitation

Chapter 10 Oscillations

Chapter 11 Electric Forces and Fields

Chapter 12 Electric Potential and Capacitance

Chapter 13 Direct Current Circuits

Chapter 14 Magnetic Forces and Fields

Chapter 15 Electromagnetic Induction

Chapter 16 Solutions to the Chapter Review Questions

Part V The Princeton Review AP Physics C Practice Tests

Chapter 17 Practice Test 1

Chapter 18 Practice Test 1: Answers and Explanations

Chapter 19 Practice Test 2

Chapter 20 Practice Test 2: Answers and Explanations