5 Steps to a 5: AP Physics C (2016)

5 Steps to a 5: AP Physics C (2016)

STEP 1 Set Up Your Study Program

CHAPTER 1. How to Approach Your AP Physics Course

CHAPTER 2. What You Need to Know About the AP Physics C Exams

CHAPTER 3. How to Plan Your Time

STEP 2 Determine Your Test Readiness

CHAPTER 4. Fundamentals Quizzes

CHAPTER 5. Take a Diagnostic Test

STEP 3 Develop Strategies for Success

CHAPTER 6. Memorizing Equations in the Shower

CHAPTER 7. How to Approach Each Question Type

CHAPTER 8. Extra Drill on Difficult but Frequently Tested Topics

STEP 4 Review the Knowledge You Need to Score High

CHAPTER 9. A Bit About Vectors

CHAPTER 10. Free-Body Diagrams and Equilibrium

CHAPTER 11. Kinematics

CHAPTER 12. Newton’s Second Law, F net = ma

CHAPTER 13. Momentum

CHAPTER 14. Energy Conservation

CHAPTER 15. Gravitation and Circular Motion

CHAPTER 16. Rotational Motion

CHAPTER 17. Simple Harmonic Motion

CHAPTER 18. Electrostatics

CHAPTER 19. Circuits

CHAPTER 20. Magnetism

STEP 5 Build Your Test-Taking Confidence

CHAPTER 21. Build Your Test-Taking Confidence