Temperature Conversion Table - Appendix - Make: The Annotated Build-It-Yourself Science Laboratory (2015)

Make: The Annotated Build-It-Yourself Science Laboratory (2015)

Part IV. Appendix

Appendix C. Temperature Conversion Table

This table gives the approximate relation between temperature in degrees Celsius (°C) (known historically as degrees Centigrade) and degrees Fahrenheit (°F) for a useful range of temperatures. It is worth noting that while the Fahrenheit temperature scale is commonly used in the United States, degrees Celsius or Kelvin are used in essentially all modern scientific work, both in the US and abroad.

Temperature Table

The exact formulas for conversion between the Fahrenheit and Celsius are:


The Kelvin temperature scale, widely used by scientists, has intervals of the same size as the Celsius scale. That is to say, a temperature difference of 1 K is the same as a temperature difference of 1 °C. However, the Kelvin scale has its zero not at the freezing point of water, but at absolute zero, the lower limit of any thermodynamic temperature scale. Conversion from degrees Celsius to the Kelvin scale is straightforward:

The degrees symbol should not be used when referring to temperatures on the Kelvin scale: Room temperature is around 300 K, not 300 °K.