Beyond Numbers: Unveiling the Significance of Units of Measurement in Scientific Research and Human Endeavors - Sykalo Eugen 2023

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Microbar (μbar) - Pressure

Nanobar (nbar) - Pressure

Picobar (pbar) - Pressure

Kilogram per liter (kg/L) - Density

Pound per gallon (lb/gal) - Density

Millimole (mmol) - Amount of substance

Micromole (μmol) - Amount of substance

Nanomole (nmol) - Amount of substance

Milliliter per second (mL/s) - Flow rate

Microliter per second (μL/s) - Flow rate

Nanoliter per second (nL/s) - Flow rate

Picoliter per second (pL/s) - Flow rate

Milligram per liter (mg/L) - Concentration

Microgram per liter (μg/L) - Concentration

Nanogram per liter (ng/L) - Concentration

Picogram per liter (pg/L) - Concentration

Millimeter of mercury (mmHg) - Pressure

Centimeter of water (cmH2O) - Pressure

Kilopound-force (klbf) - Force

Ounce-force (ozf) - Force

Kip (kip) - Force

Slug (slug) - Mass

Foot-pound-force (ft·lbf) - Energy

Kilowatt-hour per kilogram (kWh/kg) - Specific energy

Kilowatt-hour per cubic meter (kWh/m³) - Energy density

Kilometer per liter (km/L) - Fuel efficiency

Newton per square meter (N/m²) - Pressure

Dyne (dyn) - Force

Erg (erg) - Energy

Poise (P) - Dynamic viscosity

Microtesla (μT) - Magnetic flux density

Newton per square meter per second (N/(m²·s)) - Dynamic viscosity

Kilowatt-hour per square meter (kWh/m²) - Energy density

Inch of mercury (inHg) - Pressure

Foot of water (ftH2O) - Pressure

Centipoise (cP) - Dynamic viscosity

Inch-pound (in·lb) - Torque

Kilowatt-hour per pound (kWh/lb) - Specific energy

Pound per cubic foot (lb/ft³) - Density

Inch-pound-force (in·lbf) - Energy

Kilopound (kip) - Force

Kilogram-force per square meter (kgf/m²) - Pressure

Foot-pound-force per second (ft·lbf/s) - Power

Inch-pound-force per second (in·lbf/s) - Power

Centimeter of mercury (cmHg) - Pressure

Kilopascal per second (kPa/s) - Pressure change rate

Pascal per second (Pa/s) - Pressure change rate

Centimeter of water per second (cmH2O/s) - Pressure change rate

Pound-force per square inch per second (psi/s) - Pressure change rate

Newton-meter per radian (N·m/rad) - Torque

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