5 Steps to a 5 AP Statistics 2017 (2016)

5 Steps to a 5 AP Statistics 2017 (2016)

STEP 1 Set Up Your Study Program

1 What You Need to Know About the AP Statistics Exam

2 How to Plan Your Time

STEP 2 Determine Your Test Readiness

3 Take a Diagnostic Exam

STEP 3 Develop Strategies for Success

4 Tips for Taking the Exam

STEP 4 Review the Knowledge You Need to Score High

5 Overview of Statistics/Basic Vocabulary

6 One-Variable Data Analysis

7 Two-Variable Data Analysis

8 Design of a Study: Sampling, Surveys, and Experiments

9 Probability and Random Variables

10 Binomial Distributions, Geometric Distributions, and Sampling Distributions

11 Confidence Intervals and Introduction to Inference

12 Inference for Means and Proportions

13 Inference for Regression

14 Inference for Categorical Data: Chi-Square

STEP 5 Build Your Test-Taking Confidence

AP Statistics Practice Test 1

AP Statistics Practice Test 2