Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Pronouns and Prepositions, Premium 3rd Edition (2016)

Appendix C. Prepositions

Prepositions that show a relationship between nouns and/or pronouns


Prepositions of location


Prepositions of movement


Prepositions of geographical orientation


Prepositions of origin and destination Origin




Prepositions of time


The uses of para and por


1. Destination

a. To indicate real or imagined destination

b. To express the recipient of an action

c. To indicate direction and/or final destination

d. To indicate an action’s aim or objective, including profession

2. Purpose

a. To express purpose before an infinitive

b. To indicate purpose for doing something; “in order to” before an infinitive

3. Deadline

a. To express a specific time limit or deadline in the future

b. To express a limited time span in the future

4. Standard

a. To express a comparison to a certain standard

b. To express an opinion or personal standard


1. Duration

a. To express duration of time

b. To indicate periods of time during the 24-hour day

c. To express English use of Latin per

2. Substitution or exchange

a. To indicate an equal exchange or trade

b. To express substitution (“on behalf of,” “in place of”)

c. To express thanks and gratitude

3. Motivation

a. To indicate “because of” or having done something (por + INFINITIVE)

b. To express a motive for doing something

c. To express a reason for something (por + NOUN or por + INFINITIVE)

4. Movement

a. To express means of transportation

b. To express means of sending messages or information

c. To indicate the point of an intermediate destination

d. To indicate movement in an area

5. Emotions

a. To express a like (or dislike) or an emotion for someone or something

6. Idioms

a. To appear in idiomatic expressions