English Grammar

English Grammar, Third edition (2011)


Glossary of grammatical terms

1. Referring to people and things: nouns, pronouns, and determiners

2. Giving information about people and things: adjectives, numbers, and other modifiers

3. Making a message: types of verb

4. Expressing time: tenses and time adverbials

5. Varying the message: modals, negatives, and ways of forming sentences

6. Expressing manner and place: other adverbials

7. Reporting what people say or think

8. Combining messages

9. Changing the focus in a sentence

10. Making a text hold together

Reference Section

Pronunciation guide

Forming plurals of countable nouns

Forming comparative and superlative adjectives

The spelling and pronunciation of possessives


Verb forms and the formation of verb phrases

Forming adverbs

Forming comparative and superlative adverbs

The grammar of business English





The grammar of academic English

Being clear about what you want to say: noun and verb phrases

Ordering and connecting your message

The style of your message