A Practical Guide - Modern Italian Grammar

Modern Italian Grammar: A Practical Guide, Third Edition (2013)



Part A. Structures

1. The noun group

2. Verbs

3. Pronouns

4. Prepositions

5. Conjunctions

6. Adverbs

7. Numbers

Part B. Functions

I. Giving and seeking factual informatio

8. Identification: giving personal information

9. Specifying people or objects

10. Describing people or things

11. Talking about existence, occurrence and availability

12. Talking about the present

13. Speaking and writing about the past

14. Talking about the future

15. Asking questions

16. Negative sentences

17. Comparisons and degrees of intensity

18. Referring to objects and people

19. Focusing on the action

II. Actions affecting ourselves and others

20. Social interactions

21. Getting other people to do things

22. Permission and possibility

23. Expressing need, obligation or desire

24. Suggesting, proposing, advising and recommending

III. Expressing emotions, feelings, attitudes and opinions

25. Expressing emotions: positive, negative, other

26. Expressing emotions: hope, fear, doubt

27. Expressing an opinion or belief, agreement or disagreement

28. Indicating preference, likes and dislikes

29. Expressing certainty and knowledge

IV. Putting in context

30. Combining messages

31. Quoting or reporting events and hearsay

32. Expressing possibility and probability

33. Expressing purpose

34. Expressing causes and reasons

35. Expressing result, effect and consequence

36. Specifying time

37. Place and manner

38. Expressing a condition or hypothesis

39. Expressing reservation, exception and concession

V. Expanding the horizons

40. Register and style

41. Oral communication and telephone skills

42. Written communication

Appendix I. Spelling and pronunciation

Appendix II. Regular verb forms

Appendix III. Irregular verb forms

Appendix IV. Verbs and prepositions

Appendix V. Sequence of tenses